What's the best* app for ?
I'm using and it's ok, but crashes..

* - good feature set, not so crashy

@frode Mastalab works very well.
You can find it on F-Droid.

@frode I've been happy with @Tusky. Nice UI, supports multiple accounts, don't remember it crashing on me.

@frode I'm trying tusky and mastalab. At the moment tusky is my favourite

@frode I've been using Subway Tooter. I've not tried anything else, so I have no basis for comparison.

@frode I started with Tootdon too, but Tusky seems a bit more polished these days. Worth a look 👍

@frode #tusky try Tusky. Only a feature or two short of Tootdon, and the dev (@ConnyDuck) is active and open to ideas. I use both, although the recent crashyness of Tootdon has me using Tusky a lot more atm.

@frode you may try twidere, never crashed, all the basic features

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