I want to build a quick little web site for a thing and I'm facing analysis paralysis over which programming language to write it in, augh 😠


@jamey which language are you happiest in?

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@frode I, uh... I hate all programming languages, but I hate some of them less for some tasks than others? 🤷

In recent years I've done most of my web development in Python; before that, it was Haskell; before that, I'd used Java, Perl, a little PHP or shell scripting on occasion...

I had to relearn PHP last week for something else, and I don't want that for this project. But learning Node might have some advantages. bah!

programming language musings 

@jamey then, maybe js, so you can do both front end and backend in the same language..?

programming language musings 

@frode I wound up doing that particular thing in Python+Flask, but then I did a different thing this weekend in JavaScript with Electron, so sure, that could probably have worked too!

When I was looking at server-side Node.js, though, I decided I didn't want to figure out which library to use for routing and so on just then. There are multiple choices and I couldn't find good advice on how to choose, so I went with something I knew better.

programming language musings 

@jamey I've used Koa and quite liked it. It's a modern successor to Express. 👍

programming language musings 

@frode I will try to remember that next time I'm trying to pick a framework to experiment in! Thanks.

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