I should add that Stage Manager and the “center stage” concept are a close 2nd. Combining More Space and Stage Manager makes the iPad a much more productive tool. This morning I’m bouncing between email, notes, and reminders as I set my day.

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The iPadOS16 setting that has made the biggest difference so far is More Space. Feels like I went from a 12.9-inch Pad Pro to a 14-inch. Apps like Affinity Designer and Good Notes feel expansive now.

episode IV nearly redeemed an otherwise uninspired series. Had it ended at 33:40, that would have set the stage.

Regardless of intent, this tech has only one logical outcome and it’s not the betterment of humanity.

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My introduction to hockey. Imagine my disappointment when I found out hockey wasn’t always like this.

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The new @E60@twitter.com 'Unrivaled' relives the fierce rivalry between the @Avalanche@twitter.com & @DetroitRedWings@twitter.com born 25 years ago

Now, players from both sides speak

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Apple didn’t spend any time talking about a Finder in iOS16 (they really hate that it’s a necessity) but the changes to the Files App look very welcome. Can’t tell if Quick Look is supported though.

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Celebrating 22 years today with @stacey@twitter.com.freitag

What are we doing to celebrate? Cleaning the house and going to Costco in preparation for our son’s birthday party tomorrow because MARRIAGE. instagram.com/p/Ce5-4lKu5M9/?i

Happy the @Avalanche@twitter.com finished that quickly so I could go to bed.

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