@freehugs The last one strikes a really nice balance between swirl and D.

@freehugs Looks awesome. I especially dig the bottom right treatment. Push the D into negative space, have a clear boundary on the outside.

@freehugs Not sure how I feel about it. The old one is classic.

Don't get me wrong though, the artwork is clean. I especially like the hidden Buster in the wallpaper.

@freehugs I really like the one on the right. Keeps the iconic swirl, but also has a "D" in it as a nice bonus. Next would be the one on the left, which is a nice update to the swirl.



Agreed on the third one. It keeps the swirl while implying the "D" in #Debian. The middle one is jarring because of the cut into the swirl.

@freehugs Wow, these are **way** better than the current logo, I really like the 2nd and 3rd of the first column. 😮

Nope. Sorry. The new style swirls are fine, but that rounded font is the sort of thing you might use for a children's alphabet chart. Too close to Comic Sans.

I like the middle one least, and the one on the right most. The rightmost one seems the right balance between D and swirl.

Now just need to erase that red dot over the “i” some more😜 It feels such a painfully 1990s/2000s fashion trend in retrospect.

i like column 3
row 2
because i like dark themes white hurt's my eyes

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