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Love a ticket matchine running Linux 🐧 🇫🇷

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I wrote a thing called wl-clipboard.

It implements wl-copy and wl-paste commands that copy and paste from stdin/stdout to the clipboard (with a few bells & whistles, e.g. they try to infer the mime type), a lot like pbcopy/pbpaste on macOS or xclip under X11.


$ wl-copy Hello world!
$ ls ~/Downloads | wl-copy
$ wl-copy < ~/Pictures/photo.png
$ wl-paste > clipboard.txt
$ for word in $(wl-paste); do grep $word source.c; done

Source code (C, Meson, GPL v3) is here:

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fff - a terminal file manager written in #bash

Those 120 lines of bash code are really fukken cryptic tho. Like, really.

Was too lazy to setup a git repo. Now I have to write a changelog and I can't remember all the important stuff I did.

Shame on me.

Oh my god, why the hell is India so spammy? Like 98% of spam my service gets comes from India and India alone. Should just ban the whole country.

Huh. CD Projekt Red is currently streaming base64-encoded data for

At least it looks like base64 to me.

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