stop adding SMS to your websites as a TFA provider

Epic cancels #Linux Linux support for #RocketLeague! Half-Life games go free to play, open-source #Hearthstone using C++, and #Wine 5.0 takes the Proton approach. #gaming Notes&Podcast:

If you arent happy with the crossplay cancellation news and are Australian, you may be able to get micro transactions refunded. I managed to get 2 car packs returned by threatening Valve with ACCC action (Australia's consumer protections regulator)

can't wait until they make an anime where fediverse instances are anime girls in high school

I am starting a worst website of the year award. This years top prize goes to.... every website.

im not a search engine stop asking me how to get to the nearest dennys thats not what prayer is for

i dont trust people who dont sin. bro i died so you could do that shit i fucking suffered for you please dont throw that away

When you write code without reading the docs but somehow it works.

#2249 "I Love the 20s" 

Game Legend of Bum-bo, the 

What makes a program name good? What makes a program name bad?

Boosts appreciated.

It's the year 2050. Windows is an Android based OS. Compatibility layers are added so that 64 bit win32 exe files still work seamlessly. dialer.exe is finally deprecated in favor of Dialer EDGE. 16 bit MSDOS applications still run fine, ever since Microsoft realized they were compiling Windows with '# define MSDOS_SUPPORT 0' and changed it to 1. MS-BASIC support for 8 bit computers is available in the Google Play store, for legacy software. Wordpad.exe spontaneously disappeared with no trace.

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