@erkol@mastodon.social this is awesomewm

Java-based applications are hit or miss for me. IntelliJ IDEA and Smartgit works like a charm even when I am using a 4k display.

Trying to analyze a Java heap dump. JProfiler won't launch. Eclipse MAT looks very broken.


Someone has been DM'ing me like this for 2 months now. Except for these three instances of the word “business”, they have only said “programmer”.

I was fiddling for way too long with IPv6 last weekend. There was basically no instructions for what I was trying to do. At least I'm changing that now.


This COVID-19 pandemic is really making me feel lonely. I'm practically stuck in the same house for weeks if not months.

Not to mention having to use an ancient NetBeans component framework. Apparently I have to watch a tutorial that appears to be from around 2004.

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My eyeballs are used to HiDPI text on a 4k monitor. My teacher is forcing me to use Netbeans, which doesn't really support HiDPI. The font rendering makes me sad.

@NekoSock@niu.moe the flat package was much larger than it needed to be. Taller and longer than my 15" laptop screen.

@NekoSock@niu.moe This took 15 days to ship. I missed the postman two days ago, so I had to fetch it at the post office.

@NekoSock@niu.moe They sold out in a few days. They had to do a new batch.

I bought this knowing I would get it around the end of February.

@NekoSock@niu.moe No. DId you get one as well?

I ordered this book 2½ months ago.

@mewmew I'll miss the blobcats :blobcat:

This instances has a grand total of 3.

Finally got around to moving my account. Shame about leaving niu.moe though.

Hello, world!

Preparing to move away from @fred@niu.moe

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