@NekoSock No. DId you get one as well?

I ordered this book 2½ months ago.

@frederik Yeah and I posted pics on fedi and some other people seemed interested by the book

wow they really take a long time to fulfil

@NekoSock They sold out in a few days. They had to do a new batch.

I bought this knowing I would get it around the end of February.

@frederik oh I got the first batch and mine was marked as shipped but it took a month for it to get delivered despite being sent from the netherlands to france

idk if this was a delivery delay or if they mark orders as fulfilled even though they're nit

@NekoSock This took 15 days to ship. I missed the postman two days ago, so I had to fetch it at the post office.

@NekoSock the flat package was much larger than it needed to be. Taller and longer than my 15" laptop screen.

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