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Frank S

It's hilarious to me how distrustful people are of phones w/r/t to FB & Google listening to them, but are 100% fine with Amazon putting Alexa in EVERYTHING.

I should write about my experience of trying to learn Swift/XCTest after 3 years of just Python/Selenium. It's been....something to say the least.

Synology’s decryption tool is such garbage I just had to do a full recovery via a new CloudSync task. It crashes on any file name with a symbol which is just ridiculous.

Transitioning from Python to Swift has been an exercise in rewiring my brain. The way inheritance, subclasses, and initializers all work is just weird to me.

I shouldn't get mad b/c I do it too, but it's kind of frustrating when people want you to just write out the code for them when seeking help. At least try before saying "can you show me a code example".

It's taken a bit of time, trial & error, but finally getting POM implemented inside of some XCUITests in Swift/XCode.

Developer documentation in a nutshell

Jumping head first into XCTest probably wasn't the best idea given my lack of Java/Obj-C knowledge, but I think it will be good in the long run...maybe? Trying to wrap my head around OOP/POM within it is something else.

The worst part of being self taught with programming is finding confidence when looking at job options. Especially since it’s a testing/was focus. So many fundamental data sorting type questions just escape me.

I'm cracking up, but also slightly terrified, over this thread from a former Tesla engineer. Some of these are just so hilariously bad.

Trying out Whalebird on desktop and it's ok...

Switching accounts doesn't have a hot key (I can find) and it does a lot of re-loading when switching.

Are there any food desktop options for multi-account support? There’s a few I’ve found but they look like just web wrappers, nothing added.

Diving into XCUITest via Xcode for the first time. This is either going to be fairly simple, or completely weird coming from a scripting background.

Is anyone running current Firefox on current macOS and noticing improvements? It was a resource hog last time I tried due to graphic re-writing.

Anyone spend time on Leetcode? Is it really worth the time.

Also would anyone over on Elekk be willing to help with an invite :)

If you own a Switch and don't have Dead Cells yet you're missing out. It's a really wonderful Rogue Like that scales perfectly. Reminds me a lot of Rogue Legacy with it's level design.