If you read today's news and are wondering "how can I help?" then consider donating to Translife (crisis hotline and support) and/or National Center for Trans Equality. It's the most minimal effort thing you can do.

I wrote custom reporter to notify Slack during UI test jobs. Today I learned there is a plug in for Jenkins. WHOOPS

Oh cool another Elon Musk fluff piece. Why do people fall over themselves to defend an egotistical narcissist who only cares about fame and money.

Builds power & complex communication tool pitched around being the center point of work....then refuses to hire remote workers.

Been having a good time with Webdriver.io and TypeScript. Some things that are making it a bit more strict in use, but I think over time it will be better in the end. A few things left to figure out/learn like .env, packages.json, and a few more.

Ever since upgrading from iOS11->iOS12 the Tootdon app stopped sending notifications.

Anyone have a good web or macOS client? If it can do multi account support even better.

Learned about what TypeScript is today. After working in type strict language for the last month I can’t help but wonder where this has been for the JS world. Feels like it’s sorely needed

Opting to migrate our selenium tests to webdriver.io and ES6 which for someone with minimal JS experience is going to be a hoot.

In other wonderful MacBook Pro news: The newer models don't output 4K at 60Hz over hdmi....

The new MacBook keyboard layout Show more

It's hilarious to me how distrustful people are of phones w/r/t to FB & Google listening to them, but are 100% fine with Amazon putting Alexa in EVERYTHING.

I should write about my experience of trying to learn Swift/XCTest after 3 years of just Python/Selenium. It's been....something to say the least.

Synology’s decryption tool is such garbage I just had to do a full recovery via a new CloudSync task. It crashes on any file name with a symbol which is just ridiculous.

Transitioning from Python to Swift has been an exercise in rewiring my brain. The way inheritance, subclasses, and initializers all work is just weird to me.

I shouldn't get mad b/c I do it too, but it's kind of frustrating when people want you to just write out the code for them when seeking help. At least try before saying "can you show me a code example".

It's taken a bit of time, trial & error, but finally getting POM implemented inside of some XCUITests in Swift/XCode.

Jumping head first into XCTest probably wasn't the best idea given my lack of Java/Obj-C knowledge, but I think it will be good in the long run...maybe? Trying to wrap my head around OOP/POM within it is something else.

The worst part of being self taught with programming is finding confidence when looking at job options. Especially since it’s a testing/was focus. So many fundamental data sorting type questions just escape me.

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