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In case you ever need to connect your TV to a water hose, has got you covered

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A systems programmer named Sprotic
Found his software intensely erotic.
In jealous distress
He wiped his OS.
It's possible that he's psychotic.

Yeah, I may not personally ever use Edge™® for Linux, but this support from MS is objectively good news for open source.

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tech shitpost, caps 

sorry but is that a NATIVE APP I see???? How come you're not using a typescript react graphql containerized kubernetes machine learning electron webapp calculator????

That's not very agile big data of you!

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For people:

If you could have your favorite syntax/coding color theme as a mastodon theme, which theme would it be?

Boosts welcome.

Varus theatrics 

South Carolina closes schools at 28 total cases; opens them at >1,300 per day; is currently selectively closing some for cleaning theatrics. Lysol and prayers will beat this thing! /s

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a party of rpg heroes kick open the door to your room.

for reasons that aren't worth getting into right now, YOU are the final boss on their quest.

what song begins playing as your battle music?

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Internet security tip: Don't use "beefstew" as a password.

It's not stroganoff.

But can your SSD withstand absolute zero and the surface of the sun?

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I just love that there are websites that promise to crack wifi passwords by just providing the network name, and a credit card. :ablobwobble:

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My home network is made up of a lot of old linux PCs, I want someone to sell case badges for "achievements" for computers:
- Poof: Actually shot smoke once!
- Ship of Theseus: no original parts inside
- "Powered by (space for tally marks) Linux kernels"
- Pontless RGB: still contains bits of that first gaming rig I was super proud of
- Evangelism: add sticker for every person who used system, was then inspired to make one/try linux
- Good Run: >1yr uptime until power outage :(

You wouldn't download essential software for your final project, would you? :thinkstretch1: :thinkstretch2:

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How tf does the cracked version of MS Office install when my licensed version doesn't??

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