@dada Tout à fait d'accord.

Nous on s'énerve au taf, parce que le compte twitter de la boite fait des messages en anglais.
Pour des conférences purement franco-française 🤦‍♂️


Taking a chance that someone could put me in contact with scouts in the Dominican Republic. I will be visiting soonish and would like to meet and visit a local weekly meeting. Thanks a bunch!

Does there exist a non smart TV/Monitor in the 5060 inch range? I only need 4 HDMI ports or so, not even a tuner.

@dvn @xj9 @alcinnz The focus on turning the browser into an application renderer has shifted focus away from conversations about things like proper semantic documents, etc.

There's still so much out there that could be improved on HTML documents.

For example the HTML -> Print pipeline is mess. There's all different types of messy tooling to convert HTML a PDF and then to Print. We should be able to have tex-like reproducible styling for our HTML documents.

(or for that matter e-readers! We should've never needed to create new formats for displaying text on an e-reader. HTML should've been more than capable!)

La tempête a raison de la Fête des neiges de Montréal… Même la Fête des neiges de Montréal ne pourra tenir tête au froid glacial et aux importantes chutes de neige annoncées pour la journée de dimanche sur une grande partie du Québec. Pour la première fois en plus de 10 ans, les activités de cet événement hivernal annuel sont su… — lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-m

:mastoqc2: J'ai l'impression que ça augure mal pour mon instance québécoise francophone.
C'est que j'ai trouvé très peu de québécois dans la fédiverse et la majorité que j'ai trouvée publie principalement en anglais.
La poignée d'humains s'étant inscrite sur mon instance depuis son ouverture le 8 octobre n'est jamais revenue.
D'un autre point de vue, j'crois pas avoir à upgrader mon VPS de si tôt.

I’m a generalist with 15 years professional experience and engineering/computer science degrees. Full-stack Ruby, ReasonML most recently with a fair bit of Rust on the side.

Looking for a role in Melbourne AU or remote friendly. Would love to work a bit lower down the stack, systems level, embedded, OS, networking for example. Want to work for a business that values quality and correctness, not just deadlines and piling on technical debt.

Pls boost for reach 🙏

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

I’m an avid fan of . It’s a survival game set in the Northern Canadian wildnerness. Studios recently updated the game, and the bear is surprisingly much more frightening. I really enjoy the game very much. Look it up or talk to me to know more!

@minoru @amiloradovsky @newt the most common example is when only one concrete implementation of an interface has been loaded, dynamic calls to methods of that interface doesn't have to be dynamic, and their implementations can be inlined.

Once the vm figures out that the initial assessment no longer is true, the compiler can deoptimise the call and introduce a dynamic call instead.

@grainloom more modern allocators like tcmalloc do this by default

Hmm, GraalVM

A 'polyglot runtime' for Java, Node.JS, Ruby, R, Python and LLVM (ie arbitrary binary code???) that supposedly can share values, in-memory, between programs

Is this a good idea or a million buffer overflow attacks waiting to happen?


I can't seem to find how to post a response to a status on another instance via the Mastodon API.

Passing the ID as the `in_reply_to_id` parameter produces a 404 because the status can't be found. That makes some sense, as that status isn't on the instance I'm calling out to (right?). Switching the API base URL to the other instance gives me a 401, because I don't have an API app set up there.

What am I missing here? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I *love* reinventing the wheel.

Some of my articles explain how to build your own GenServer in Elixir or how to compare images in plain Ruby, and I’ve built minimal clones of libraries like RSpec and Spring in the past to understand and teach how they work.

While you shouldn’t rely on a hand-rolled HTTP server or a naïve reimplementation of an ancient OTP construct in production, taking software apart and rebuilding it is the best way I know to understand what’s happening under the hood.

Given the encryption debacle is Australia, I’m in the process of looking for another email hosting provider. I uee Fastmail. I will pay. Any recommandations? It must support custom domains.

Hi! I'm an Australian high school student and I participate in open-source programming. I contribute various little bits and pieces towards the development of Homebrew software for the Wii U.

I usually enjoy anything related to programming or computer security, and do a little Wii U and Xbox gaming every now and then.

In addition to Fosstodon you can find me on Twitter (CreeperMario258), Discord (CreeperMario#6152) and GitHub (CreeperMario).

#introductions #programming #infosec #gaming

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