just wrote an ugly regex...


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@g pretty much! it's a regex for html5 tags with 4 capture groups - open tags (e.g. <div>), close tags (e.g. </div>), self closing tags (e.g. <br />), and a substitution variables (${xxx}).

@fourlegs ah, but will it capture

<body data-id="93" data-encodedsecret="dGhpcyBpcyBhIHN1cGVyIHNlY3JldCBzdHJpbmc" data-tag="<p>paragraph</p>">

@g hmm you are right my regex would balk at your html string inside data-tag. i need to fix it by also matching attr=value pairs inside any tags...

@g how about this:

@fourlegs perfect! 😃

I've had this exact problem for, I needed to inject a header and scripts right after the opening body tag in a reverse proxy. Eventually I changed the whole stack but attributes gave me a lot of trouble initially.

@g yeah.. it's really hard to get all use cases covered so the better route, if possible, is to urlencode any attribute values.

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