“... in Norway, all publicly owned companies must publish all of their employees’ salaries. It was really weird—three months after I come in as a junior designer, I go on and I can see what the CEO is being paid, I can see what my creative director is being paid, I can see all my leads, and I can see all my colleagues..”

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@fourlegs I've heard arguments that we (US workers) should do this because it would help fight income inequality. I've also heard we shouldn't do this because reasons.

I'd be interested to see what it anything is measurably different since the law there went into effect.

@zangetsu_MG right me too. Overall I think it's a good thing. Like you said it would help income inequality tremendously. At least it makes everyone painfully aware of the problem.

@fourlegs I found this:

"The World Economic Forum ranks Norway third out of 144 countries in terms of wage equality for similar work."

So they are doing something right it seems.

Then this:

"Citizens have been able to inspect paper tax returns at the authorities’ offices since the early 1800s."

Its been happening so long, there isn't much before and after data to be observed, making it harder to state conclusively that this is a good thing.

@zangetsu_MG wow thanks for these. very interesting indeed. i didn't know Norway was that open-minded.

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