Oh my gosh I now have 200 followerss 😭😭😭😭

Thank you all!! 🥺🥺

That is also the same case with setuid()-based sandboxing, which is banned for use by Android's Seccomp filter!

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The mainn way of doing sandboxing nowadays in Linux, that is user namespace has many security concerns, so Android disables it! 😊


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My dream goal for Waylovely is to be able to run Flatpak apps on Android!!

Though, it seems we can't do sandboxing on that ^^

Ahh, soo ndk-glue of rust-windowing has the native_window() function that returns the window!


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Noww we just need to get Smithayy using the Android Winit APIs insteadd!! 😊😊

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(alt text: Pacman installing some packages insidee of lovellly Buildah 💕💕)

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