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The thing you have to keep in mind about the tech field is that white guys are invested in running out every other social group when it comes to that field because that is the only way they can maintain their 'dominance' of it.

This is the objective context of working in technology. If a dude isn't actively fighting against this context, he is enabling it.

Either you're for more diversity in the field or not. There is no middle ground.

@TheoEsc I don't think I brought enough warm clothes to Poland to run. I'll try layering tomorrow.

@jimgon nice job. I'm at the point where I need new pants, but I'm making do with a new belt.

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@clock I should probably sketch out plans further than a year, that's a good point.

@clock I started treating personal goals like work goals with documentation and monthly check-ins this year, and it's helping me make more progress on some of them.

I'm going to ORCONF in 3 weeks on works dime and I'm worried I'm under prepared.

Middle age gym 


5am is the how the fuck am I going to have time for everything time to work out. My alarm went off at five this morning to run and I turned it off. I'll try again tomorrow.

Road rash pic 

Glad it was bandaged through the wet and dirt this weekend.

Cooked breakfast for 30 folks at Inspiration Cafe this morning.

Cicadas are too big and loud to hang out on my door. Go hang out in a tree, bugs.

Sunrise in southern Illinois while running through the Shawnee Hills

@chael it's actually one of the most frustrating parts of System Verilog -- thespec has a million features, but the different tools don't support the full spec. Xilinx is different from Altera, is different from Modelsim is different from Verilator...

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