Car havers: are there currently gloves in your glove compartment?

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@fool car insurance policy and manual, notebook, pens, mapbook, hand sanitizer, breath mints, girlfriend's copy of kpop cd, air pressure gauge, flashlight, extra phones for pokemon go alt accounts, ... who's got room for gloves?

@fool I cleaned it out JUST YESTERDAY, and found a pair of disposable nitrile gloves in there. Who knows how long I've had gloves in the glove compartment? It was probably the first time in my life.

@fool I always have gloves in the car, I just realized they're never in the glove compartment.

@fool Technically? I mean, they're nitrile gloves in a first aid kit that's in my glove box but they're still in my glove box

@fool I put them in there just recently without thinking about the name of the compartment. It just dawned on me.

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