imagining songs that are about their own genres (e.g. "I Love Rock & Roll," "It Don't Mean A Thing," etc.) covered in different genres

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@fool surely i love rock & roll *has* to have made it into a weird al polka medley at some point

@prophet_goddess it was the subject of an early parody, back when he still primarily used accordion-based arrangements, but there's more to genre than instrumentation. rock played on an accordion is still rock

@fool ah yes that's what i was thinking of, then you're right, it's not a polka version just because it contains accordion

@prophet_goddess his polka medleys are (for the most part) absolutely polkas, of course, and the genre transposition is sometimes very ironic indeed, but I can't think of an instance of one of them containing that kind of self-referential song

@fool it wouldn't surprise me if these are both covered in bardcore.
checking...yes, the first song is covered. harder to tell on the second song.


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