I've seen so much change in my life and I'm not even old yet. By the time I retire, who knows what mambo number we might be up to?


Science fiction authors frequently turn to the concept of having an alien civilization with technology that enables feats that humans can't replicate without first learning more, and call this "advanced." This presupposes such a thing as linear, even monotonic progress, which is not an ideologically neutral idea. However, there are some things that do simply increase and improve objectively, such as mambo numbers.

"Submit, human! You have no hope to prevail against us. We greatly exceed your primitive culture with its mere seven mambos."

(This story is set in the future where not only Mambo #6 but also Mambo #7 has been discovered. It's a bit cheesy to make such a leap, but it's all a metaphor anyway.)

One can imagine a Star Fleet officer judiciously refraining from interfering in the natural development of the impressionable, even fragile culture of a world which knows only up to Mambo #4.

The last envoy of a dead precursor race gave the space commander a solemn warning: "Do not make the same mistake we did, human. Exultant in our mastery, we sought only to share the joy of mambo with the universe. And so when we found the Badguyliens, we shared with them the gift not only of Mambo #5, but also Mambo #6, #7, #8, and #10. But they were not ready for the wisdom of the greater mambos - and with them, they destroyed us."

@fool I read this entire thread aloud to great acclaim


(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!) Search: mambo

Sorry, but the terms do not match anything in the table.

@deejoe Well, no encyclopedia is ever complete, notwithstanding the aspirational name.

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