the prevalence of memes about men holding on to a single compliment they received for 5 years has me feeling a certain kind of way

one thing that we lose sight of in the discourse of how terrible men are is that the experience of being a man generally completely fucking sucks. does it excuse the nonstop horrifically bad behavior across the board? no. but i think it can explain some of it

@dankwraith that's something I don't get about a lot of men's right activists, they're always like "it sucks to be a man, women have it so easy, men die sooner and suffer more and are less happy" but they always react poorly when someone points out the underlying assumptions that force men into that misery

@jimpjorps yeah they look at the problems causes by hegemonic patriarchy and decide the problem is we arent patriarchal *enough*


@dankwraith @jimpjorps it's intuitive, and false, that the purpose of hierarchy is to bring greater benefits to those who are higher. internalize this understanding and a cycle of futile discourse between people who want resist any perceived inversion of the hierarchy, and people who, based on this resistance, get the idea that inverting the hierarchy is a good goal

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