I will share some cool things I'm hearing from sessions at now.


The computers on the Voyager probes have over 40 years of uptime, and have been patched at distances measured in light-hours. How?

Reliability, redundancy, reconfigurability.

Radiation-hardened parts, cross-connectible backups, all memory is RAM.

They've patched 'em to have better data compression and more efficient forward error correction as distance resulted in reduced bandwidth.

Can cache data when there's no signal. Have turned off instruments to save power.


The worst problem the mission encountered was when operators on the ground neglected to send a signal, triggering a failover to a backup receiver, and the backup receiver wasn't very good so they switched back to the primary one, and then the primary one broke so they had to wait for it to detect that it wasn't receiving anything and switch back to the janky but functional second receiver, which they could at least work around.

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@fool Y'ever think about how different online communication will have to be when we're light-minutes apart?

@emsenn Shades of the first part of Jon Bois' "17776"

@fool anyone can tell them to fix their TITLE tag? Having just the site name on all pages and having to fix it in bookmarks is painful…

@fool I just updated one of the OpenWRT routers/wifi hotspots in my house, and it had been up for like 600 days or something, and I thought THAT was impressive.

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