Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony.

@pizza @fool the advantage is that no one will invade your homeland

@fool firebenders, waterbenders, moldbenders, and vapers baybeeee

@fool oh oops! off is a roleplaying game, mortis ghost is its developer? the game was praised for its writing and unique setting at time of release

anyway the relevant part is that in off's universe, there are four elements? but those elements are smoke, metal, plastic, and meat


the smoke is magic so techfolk are smokebenders


@fool the mold nation otherwise known as The Mushroom Kingdom


Also, does this mean mushrooms are *all* magic and that some are sentient, and can speak to their kind, and became 'moldbenders' to reclaim 'mold' as a term?

Because that's my headcanon now apparently. -_-

@fool not the greatest name for an earth wind and fire tribute band but not the worst either

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