Fediverse, hearken unto me. I have a mighty need, and only you can help.

I require articles about things millennials have killed or are killing. As many as you can bring me. Major things or insignificant. Cold takes or hot. Moderately or extremely stupid. Personal or statistical. Everything you've got, as long as you can provide a link to the source.

I wish to admire our handiwork, and the angst it has inspired. I crave this as one lost in the desert craves drink.

Boosts welcome.

@WagonStar @fool

Don't take away my wiiiiiiiine-oh wait, no this is all reasonable. Well, not the too-easily-gamed personal connection/backstory bit, but the rest of it.

Pro-tips: Pic St Loup is the most popular wine in France, is really great and is more reasonably priced than more famous exports.

Georgian wine (as in Stalin's homeland) is extremely sweet, so go for the drier end. It is extremely nice and goes well with most vegan foods, especially nut-based

@celesteh @WagonStar @fool Most popular wine ? In France of all countries ? That's a bold claim ^^

@aearil @WagonStar @fool

It was told to me by a frenchman who lived in the region. 'Popular' in this case means most litres consumed, however, I did not verify his claim.

@celesteh Might as well have been a very popular wine in the region. But I'd say that wine in France is like cheese : every village has at least one and will defend it with their life ^^

@aearil Off topic, but: your user icon is extremely excellent

@celesteh Thx :) I'm rather fond of it myself. Especially the hidden pun for the nerdiest electronics folks among us :P

@fool Also I guess I'm not technically a millennial, booo

@fool They are right for calling mayonnaise the "most american foodstuffs". That glorified pus can't die soon enough

@fool ah, but you have failed to consider that among the things millennials are killing is the “millennials are killing” thinkpiece industry


Millenials have killed my will to stay on this planet.

Source: Myself

@fool one headline i'm really craving to see is 'millennials are killing boomers' describing young nurses and doctors delivering euthanasy. But alas, so far this is just my dream.


Mellenials are killing MILLIONS

Of skin cells as they heartlessly don't use lotion


millennials have killed your project

(sorry, I couldn't resist)

@fool Not an article, but: Millennials have killed electron gun TV sets!!1!


To be fair the article is a bit more nuanced but I really like Cory's take on it:

"Also, millennials -- saddled with student debt, and drowning in nondiscretionary avocado-toast-related expenditures -- are broke af."


Apparently Millennial are killing big name lite Beer brands*

*Anecdotally I would say this is because most of these Beers taste like stale piss-water, although I live in an area with a thriving craft-Beer and even Homebrew presence and we like those Beers, it actually has flavor to it.

@fool please, share with us this collage of slaughter.

@sashahamilton Check out the replies to the post you're replying to.

@fool I saw, but there might be more in dms and/or a consolodated list coming from this request.

(Also currently my internet operates on the scale of kb/s so opening a bunch of listicle webpages isnt an option for me)

@fool I haven't any new ones to hand, but more power to you: this reminds me of the endlessly useful resource that is

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