People complain about a shortage of qualified programming candidates, but I think it's better to think of it as a surplus of software projects.

So much software is bullshit. If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of some of it, hoo boy.

Software that's written before its usefulness to users is validated.

Software that's written as an excuse to gamble with venture capital.

Software that's written without conscientious management of technical debt.

And that's just the kind where the product goes to waste. (Not that there's any such thing as wasted effort.)

There's also the software that's outright antisocial - gathering as much consumer data as possible and trying to cash out before it all collapses, or analyzing newer and cleverer ways to squeeze people for all they're worth.


I mean, certainly it's no skin off my nose for my skills to be in high demand. But we can tell when we're working on a bullshit product and we don't like it.

Imagine a world without bullshit software. Every programmer currently working, making only the software that's no worse than benign.

By god, we'd all have sixteen-hour work weeks.

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