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I hereby declare myself this instance's foremost Star Wars Prequel Defender.

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Being a programmer is turning me into an anarchist: I always seem to want to eliminate state.

You better not fuck with me or I will curse you to have "Tarantella Napoletana" stuck in your head for forty days and forty nights

The only reliable way to get a song unstuck from your head is to replace it with a different one.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. It's the Dæmon War and it's extremely cool, we get to use superpowers and we all have alter-egos. For example I'm Rælmsword and I can launch a devastating Light Of Hæven attack. Yes, everyone in the world! You're actually the only one who doesn't know about it, not sure why, maybe people were worried you might be a Dæmon agent or

It is inconvenient that society and my body disagree about when I should be asleep. Well, I suppose wanting to end this predicament keeps me from getting too comfortable, figuratively and literally.

Yeah, I admit it: more than any notion of justice or necessity, more than any philosophy or ideology, it's the most personal connection that motivates me the most strongly. Call it selfish if you want. I dream of a world that lets people sleep in.

I've recreated the Look Around You periodic table in SVG, because the only available version seems to be a low-res bitmap. What would be a good way to share it? (I have a Wordpress account but they don't allow SVG)

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*mastodon voice* accessibility is important thats why we use custom unicode fonts instead of rich text formatting hahaHAHA GARGRON YOU CONTEMPTUOUS WITCH ADD RICH TEXT TO MASTODON JUST ADD MARKDOWN ITS SO FUCKING EASY

If you find yourself reading an article about something millennials are killing, very often you can interpret it through the lens of an aging Fox News viewer wondering why their kids don't talk to them any more.

@hansbauer @retrohacker legislators were able to create food safety standards that make getting poisoned by store-bought food impossibly unlikely. They were able to create regulations around medicines that make it highly unlikely for people to get poisoned by actual, you know, poisons (every medicine is poison in the right amount).

We can, and should, expect legislators to step in and regulate the IT industry.

Market will not solve it.

Does anyone else think political correctness has gone mad?

My upstairs neighbor who loves hollering seems to have opened his window this time.

Do you mind if I tell a joke that isn't, shall we say, "politically correct" Show more

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