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Uhhh as a big fan of Matrix chat I was super pleased to see that Fluffy is a App :)

Lets see if I can install that little one on macos :) but there seem to be problems with WebRTC.

We tried to communicate w/ re: ; they have outright refused to answer community questions on Copilot & took it for-profit. Copilot ignores copyleft requirements; so it's time to

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On which video I should work next, Dart Sockets or Working with a local DB such as Isar?

Sneak peek of the official mobile apps new timeline layout!

- No login required, this is the splash screen
- Tap to full size preview, pinch to zoom
- Appearance settings (hide/show captions, like counts, etc)
and a lot more!

We know this is long overdue, discord users will get TestFlight access later this week ✨


Disappointed to learn Cohost has been started by people from the fediverse. You know what the fediverse is but you learned the wrong lessons from it. Yes, I also think some servers are not operated professionally and blocks often get misused, but that is not a reason to replace a free and open system with a locked down one. I wrote on why decentralization matters back in 2018:

Hallo Menschis aus #HESSEN

💬 Wusstet IHR schon,

dass Eure Landesregierung zwar NICHT im #Fediverse ist,
aber "seit Jahren GROSSE Anstrengungen unternimmt,
um sowohl dem #Datenschutz als auch der Informationspflicht einer #Landesregierung gerecht zu werden"?

👉 Und warum sind sie dann noch nicht im #Fediverse? 🤔

I love to be curious and find every second day a new cool thing I can dig deeper into. That is why I think I became a software engineer in the first place.

Searching for the next shiny :D

What a start to the day, first my train gets cancelled. Then I fight again with WIFI@DB from my MacBook...

Forgot to connect my device to my laptop and bam Flutter MacOS up and running 🚀
I missed

Never in a million years would I think I'd be able to write a mobile app, and for it to actually work.

The fediverse really is magic, the consistent positivity and encouragement have really made me strive and I look forward to you experiencing a new ephemeral paradigm that is live stories. #pixelfed #pixelfedLive

Our project is funded by people like you, and we need about $130 USD for an Apple developer account and Google Play Store account to publish the :pixelfed: Live app (and eventually the main app!)

Will you help us reach that goal? The preferred donation method is our PayPal, but you can also donate via or

Boosts appreciated, and thank you for supporting us ❤️ #pixelfed #communityFunded

It is really crazy how much an M1 chip improved my developer experience...

Puh, somehow I am falling into a new rabbit hole :) Mastodon, Matrix, PeerTube etc. So many cool things to discover.

New Matrix bot and bridges

Added Signal and Whatsapp – and a Reminder bot. More to come.

Senators Lummis and Gillibrand put the text of their proposed crypto legislation on Github, and the first comment is from a person with a Pepe avatar writing "Taxation is theft! Eliminate the FED!!!"

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