I'm a big fan of Framework laptops, trying to tackle a problem like e-waste before it gets out of control (*coughs* Apple Fan Boys *coughs*). Reading a blog on just how much further they are going with recycled materials in the construction of laptop just makes it even more sweeter.

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@flexsite I am one of those fanboys 😬 but I read articles like this ( and feel like Apple is doing alright? Maybe I’m totally missing something though. Any thoughts?

Sorry if this feels like an provocation. I get this can be contentious so only reply if you’re comfortable. I want to learn/understand not argue/prove a point 🙂

@edwardloveall This may take more than one toot😂 😜 , for reference the most independent source I've found for all tech companies around e-waste prevention is Hugh Jeffreys

Apple is not the only bad tech provider, best example off the top of my head is the practices used to force users to buy new products every year (i.e. repair costs, software locks on spare parts, os controls on battery life expectancy) when compared to something like Fairphone

@edwardloveall I realise that all companies are now pushing their ESG credentials, and like others Apple is doing its part within reason; I'm keen to see what they do long term with the recent right to repair cases in the US worldwide before reviewing my opinion.

Incidentally as a tech head myself I own a 2015 Macbook Pro for testing & training purposes, so I make a point of using the tech wherever I can. (trying to be platform agnostic)

@edwardloveall When I recently had to replace the battery in that Macbook; the total cost to me was £300 through Apple because they had to replace all of the keyboard and outer shell as well as the battery (design fault in laptop). For comparison replacing the battery in my Lenovo Ideapad 530s cost me £60 (3rd party product) plus an hour of my time to complete the repair

@flexsite Thanks for the reply! 🙂 Glad to have the extra examples and resources.

The evidence/propaganda I've heard (and believe) for a lot of this is that by building such compact machines, Apple is trading durability for customizability & repairability. Do you think that's true? Maybe the ability to manufacture at their large scale plays a role?

@flexsite I think all of that _could_ be true and people just disagree on what the priority should be. And to be fair, there are parts of a computer today that will always need service no matter how "durable" they are, like your battery. Maybe that's evidence enough for some.

@flexsite and I'm also personally sensitive to the idea that Apple always seems to be THE bad guy. Growing up in the 90s and living until now it seems like no matter what they do, because they have strong opinions, they're always wrong to someone. So I'm sure a lot of my feelings stem from that. 😅

@edwardloveall FYI I was born in 1982 so have seen the same thing over time. I think Marcus Aurelius said 'Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact' so I think you have a point on the image issue.

Apple took great risks when Steve Jobs rejoined in the 90's through things like the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc, and rightly got a massive reputation boost. Since they lost him RIP I truly believe they lost their way, but I have every hope they can come back and change my mind.

@flexsite and I can tell you that as a fan, many of their missteps are _deeply_ felt.

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