You can also use @nextcloud to set up your own private messaging service:

The service has its own dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS too.

Major downside is it doesn't have any kind of federation (yet), so you can only talk to other people on your server.

If this sounds like something you'd want (for example an internal chat system for your friends, family or organisation), it might be worth looking at this.

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I'm currently using Signal as my messaging platform of choice, what do you use?

I'm a big fan of Framework laptops, trying to tackle a problem like e-waste before it gets out of control (*coughs* Apple Fan Boys *coughs*). Reading a blog on just how much further they are going with recycled materials in the construction of laptop just makes it even more sweeter.

The idea of an open source data warehouse intrigues me.

TechCrunch: Hydra aims to be the open cloud data warehouse alternative to Snowflake.

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