@purism @rae

at least they picked decent apps. i’m guessing they’ll be part of the pure mobile distro and i can just point them at my own shit.

kinda depressing that they went with matrix tbh
@purism @rae

riot is nice enough, but synapse is not very great for server operators like myself. the random cpu and memory use spikes make it so i have to heavily over provision the machine that hosts my home server.

my xmpp server on the other hand, could easily fit on a raspberry pi (moving it there in the near future).
@xj9 #Riot is inconsistent, slow, constantly buggy. If they released a better replacement for #Synapse tomorrow, Riot would still constrain most #Matrix use to a certain subset of techpeeps.

@xj9 @lnxw48a1

Riot is just the reference client (quick and dirty React/'tron and Kotlin) There are various other implementations ongoing but almost all of them don't support E2EE as yet, which is pretty much the main reason why people use R/M in the first place. I'm tracking Fractal because well, it's Rust.

@fivepies @xj9

Hopefully, the E2EE experience has improved now that they can store keys server-side (which could have its own negatives). *All* my former person-to-person #Matrix contacts abandoned it because of "cannot decrypt this message" warnings seen in various #Riot.im clients when reading our conversations, so I would hesitate to recommend it until I know that's fixed.

@lnxw48a1 @xj9

cross-signing is only weeks away from landing so it will at least cut down on the amount of device verification needed

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