" is very interesting. I was checking and they block (by responding back with


- Neustar DNS

- AdGuard DNS

But they don't block Quad9 or CleanBrowsing that also do not send the EDNS subnet. Very curious way of blocking itself out of the Internet. OpenDNS blocks it (sends to their block page):

Would love to hear from someone from what is going on. "

I've been noticing this problem for a while even on other nameservers. As a stopgap, the onion service is fine (when it's running) but this should really be fixed.

tech protip no1: never trust anything baked in you cannot disable

So with the addon fiasco going right now in , Mozilla is going to discover their bad press is going to double in the coming years because the threads wrt this is going to linger gleefully in Google forever

Same as with ex-Firefox users who haven't touched the browser again from before Memshrink complaining in browser recommendation threads ad nauseam.

(everyone should switch to Fx DE, that was always the proper version to use anyway)

tl;dr will lose its current cross-intermediate by 09/2021 latest as that is when the root cert expires. So legacy software will have a wall to look forward to.

*idly realizes old timelapse vids of Paris with N.Dame are getting a viewcount boost*

"vibration elements"

going to be fun for machines with spinning rust

"they should at least write it down for TOFU"

so the usual PGPesque UX 😐

admittedly my interaction with these days consists mainly of watching Game Knights, but damn..... I didn't realize dirge trailerism had infected CCGs too 😂

[As a Fx user since .3 (Remember the Firebird/Phoenix naming fiasco? Pesky genus jumping!), this is a topic close to my heart]

"Why make the non-removable screen protector so easy to remove?"

ah the questions of life, the universe and everything

*We are excited to announce that Stringify has been acquired by Comcast*

an incredible sentence indeed

not an iOS user but anything that expands XMPP usage is welcome

crucial take:"The resulting attacks are efficient and low cost: brute-forcing all 8-character lowercase password requires less than 125$in Amazon EC2 instances."

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