people talk about 'technical debt', but i think the word technical is a misnomer. 'innovation debt' or 'speed to market debt' make more sense. lots of this debt is created by business decisions that are not technical at all. this concept of debt caused by optimising for delivery is good, but its not constrained to just technology.

@fitz a good example is fraud prevention, a very simple set of checks catch 80%, but the last % require increasing levels of effort, often complete process redesigns are required. when launching you choose to allow that 20% as you dont yet have enough lost value to justify the effort - but the debt is there

@fitz I believe it's the right term. It's not up to the team that made the business decision to work around or fix; it's up to the technical team. They are the ones who have to pay the price to settle the debt or pay the interest on it if they don't.

Or, to put it another way, it doesn't matter that you bought groceries and had to pay a doctor visit on your credit card. It's still credit card debt.

@neekz0r yes i agree, but there is a lot of debt in any business that is not in the technology space - there is nothing special about technical debt vs 'any other' debt

@fitz it is like any debt, you spend to do things like buy ice cream, have fun, buy computer etc, what you owe at the end is money. What you spent it one is not money. Technical debt to me means you did other stuff in the past mostly hoping that time to market would help with overall target, and now if you have technical debt you OWE technology steps to cover that to cover that expense. To me, the term fits from that perspective.

@Otuk i guess what i am trying to flag is that you could have a business that has no technology at all. and it will do things that are debt that has to be paid back, such a weak process, lack of employee onboarding etc.

business people often dont get 'technical debt'and i think its because its sounds like its a special thing - when infact its thr same as any decision where you choose speed to market (appropriate) over the 'correct' approach.

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