I've been playing around with Electron a lot lately and I have to say that... I'm in love. C#, C++, Java not bring my strength. I feel like I can finally develop Windows + OSX applications the way I want.

Here I am... Back from Japan, on my way to the office. What's new on Mastodon? Didn't check St all during my vacations...
Need to work on Tuskr this week... I missed it ♥

Landed on Tokyo last night. I slept 4 hours and now I can't close my eyes anymore, its 3:43AM...entertain me!

My brother is back from Mexico, arrived in Canada today but he's coming with me to Japan next week.
He has a huge amount of money to change but he would like to change it to yen directly. (avoiding changing first to Canadian dollars and then to Japanese yen)
Do you guys know a place where you can change Mexican pesos in Tokyo? Haneda?

Last day at the office for the next 3 weeks...!
I'll make the best out of these vacations! ⛩️🗾🗻

Just realized I'm going to have to review my logic behind the refreshing of Instances in Tuskr.
Just finished the flow chart for it but only got so much time to implement all of that before leaving on vacations 😅...

@celes @fitsbach@functional.cafe I'm sorry to bother you! I created an account on functional.cafe and imported my contact list.

When I first joined Mastodon, I was told to join .xyz by my wife but with time I found that it's too political for me...
I really want to focus on Software Development so I ended up here on mastodon.technology. I'm now looking for more similar instances but, I'll mostly be active on-here...you don't need to pay attention to other accounts.

Do you guys know any other active instance where programmers of all kinds exchange about Software Development?

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We need more tools built for regular folks. We need more tools that don't come with the baggage of learning to code, of dealing with the open source community.

We need more tools that help people do things, rather than just tools that help coders code.

Good afternoon Folks,

With the flu hitting me hard, I have to call it a day. If anyone of you is interested to try Tuskr, please let me know.

I'm not ready to just dump the url here just yet as I know it is not a finished product but I know some of you will give me useful feedback so I can make it better and eventually just release it to the world.

Please note that as I previously said, you can't actually login to any instance, favourite or boost. You can only read!

So I had to catch the flu a week before going to see the family in Japan 😅
I'll still work on Tuskr a bit more today so I can release it. for some of you guys tonight!

Done for tonight but I'll make sure to fix this by the end of the weekend.
Good night!
Bonne Nuit!

I could finally implement the translation feature!
Still some work to do...it doesn't seem to work with toots including hashtags....working on it!

Has anyone actually gathered data about languages on Mastodon?

I'm curious to see what are the most used languages on here.

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+1. Mainstream social networks can never match this. Due to open-source nature, users submit feedback and suggestions to the core team. There has been 1400 such feedback submitted, out of which 800+ had been implemented. This is excluding other informal feedback channels.

This rapid rate of iteration implementing user feedback will simply lead to a platform which just creates massive value for its users, even though users number is small by comparison to mainstream social networks 🐘

@ken Just saw your last post on mastodon.network thanks to my WebApp...I still don't see it here on mastodon.technology nor on your profile....

This is gold:

"This rapid rate of iteration implementing user feedback will simply lead to a platform which just creates massive value for its users, even though users number is small by comparison to mainstream social networks 🐘"

I really wish we could sent Private Messages. I'd like to share Tuskr to some people who could help me out pointing out bugs and prividing tips, suggest features without having the whole world know the URL 😅

Now that I'm getting more and more Japanese on my timeline, I definitely need to put my translating feature in Tuskr this weekend. Also, I should definitely work harder on my Japanese...


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Trying hard not to take it personally when people complain about Mastodon development. It's hard not to see yourself in the software you contribute to.

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