Gonna work on starting to port my blog over to nuxt 3 from gridsome today!


Come watch me make poor life choices at 5pm Eastern!

Good morning fediverse! Let's go do fantastic things! Or at least do what you have spoons for!

Dear @Twitter@twitter.com, please enable Comic Sans.

As a reminder: no stream today or next week as I will be travelling!

Hey y'all, I am speaking at @stirtrek@twitter.com on Friday first thing in the morning! Be sure to come see me talk about HTML3, GeoCities, and Custom Elements! (mostly custom elements.)

Do you end your / lines with semicolons? (Other responses, please reply with details!)

I got a fever.... and the only solution is... MORE CSS GRID! Join me as I fumble my way through some work CSS at 5pm EST today! (that's in like, 15 minutes...)


(I don't actually have a fever.)

My wife continues to try and get me to like Bridgerton. I just can't. I am trying so hard. And it is just terrible

So apparently my brain got stuck on a problem for 2 weeks and has made trying to do work challenging. Came up with a solution to the issue today, and suddenly brain is like "whew, let's do things now"

Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

hey @xirclebox@twitter.com, @nerajno@twitter.com wanted me to show you this neat way to make all your selectors more important for sass:

:is(body, #\!important){
// Hi Homer.

Rant about gamers 

Some people seem to not understand that buying someone's product at $10 (and more often at a steep discount or even free) doesn't make the developer owe you lifelong dedicated support.

The amount of abuse I've gotten from people on Steam over the years.. 😞 makes me realize why platforms like Epic don't have (many?) community features.

Made some centered.app shortcuts to kill/restart apps when i go in/out of flow.

I had to scrounge this up for... reasons... and i'd figure i'd share it on here.

Vue NYC talk went well! Now to make it be better....

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