You should pay for some of the apps on your phone.
Years ago a friend said to me, “I’ll pay $4.00 for a coffee that will be gone in 10 to 30 minutes, so why wouldn’t I pay $4.00 for an app that I’m going to use over and over again for months or years?”

Pay the app developers who make your life better!
Show a little love.
Replace the free trial version with the paid version.

I have a free app from a national chain hardware store. That makes sense. They give me the app because it lubricates the buying process and ultimately generates more sales, both in-store and online.
But I paid for the network analyzer tool that I use regularly. The free version has 99% of the features I’ll ever use, but I paid for it anyway, because that’s the only way the developers make money unless they load it up with advertising.

@fifonetworks my main problem is that I actually can't buy anything inside of the apps, because I don't have Google Play Services installed

@rnickson I don't think I've ever bought anything inside an app, either. But I do get the paid version of apps after using the free trial version to see if I'm going to keep using it.

I can't pay for apps on my phone, but I can donate!

@fifonetworks Well, the answer is simple: they force you to pay the coffee. If you want to get paid then don't provide your app for free. And if you want to share an app for free then it's ok too. But don't turn this around like it wouldn't be ok. It's totally ok to pay nothing but it's also ok if you want to pay something.

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