If you buy a used car, you might want to think about your exposure.

@fifonetworks If you buy a used car in Poland, it's not gonna have any of those fancy remote features.

@fifonetworks I get the feeling the Adama approach will become more popular as more of these cars enter the used market: disable any and all modems

@tomas Please tell me about the Adama approach - I'm not familiar with that.

@fifonetworks It's a reference to the Battlestar Galactica reboot from a few years ago, where captain Adama insists none of the systems on the titular spaceship be networked together, because of how easily the Cylons could take over the entire ship if even a minor system was breached.
A recent real-world example of this would be that car infotainment Bluetooth hack from a couple of years ago where an attacker could gain access to the CAN bus remotely. The solution to this is of course to NOT CONNECT YOUR INFOTAINMENT SYSTEM TO THE SAME BUS THAT CONTROLS BRAKES, STEERING AND ACCELERATION(!)

@tomas I like it. Capt. Adama was smart! Today, professionally, I have a lot of difficulty convincing companies to have two (or more) completely separate networks. The usual response is, "We're using VPNs. They're separate." Uh-uh. Not as separate as they think.

@fifonetworks Not a problem when you only buy cars that are older than OBD-II. :senkothink:
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