In my spare time, I'm a Christian author with four books on Amazon who is raging against the current American Christian hypocrisy.

I follow Jesus. Which means, by definition, I have to reject contemporary American Christianity.

If you're curious, my latest article explains.

Why Moses Broke The Stone Tablets

"Elevator Communications Failure."
So, if I'm in the elevator, and that little red light comes on,

Whoever you are, wherever or whenever we meet...

I'm straight, but you're welcome here. You're safe here.

Last Saturday at the Tillamook Creamery - they make you sign in to use the Wi-Fi. There probably really is a "John Doe (at) yahoo (dot) com." Poor guy. He's getting my spam now.

@gudenau This might help.
For Gmail users who want to change their Gmail account for improved personal security:
Google Support has a lot of info on the subject. There are several related topics, such as having multiple Google accounts, or multiple emails associated with one account. But this article is probably a good place to start:
"Email addresses associated with your account"

Why You Should Change Your Personal Email Address

1) Download this screenshot.
2) Edit the Presidential alert text box to create your best joke.
3) Post with hashtag

Maybe actually plants are farming us,
giving us oxygen until we eventually
decompose and they can consume us.

Apparently I have a time travel app on my smartphone, because I know what the must-have invention of 2109 is.

So the Apple Watch Series 4 is out.


That's why I bought this Tissot last year. Instead of being obsolete now, it's going to be contemporary for years to come.

And there are no monthly charges.

Tomorrow I both a) get to go to Strange Loop b) get to see my brother but most importantly c) I get to see @mlemweb !

I am in a good mood! I am also in an airport, and my good mood is resulting in me being very enthusiastic & friendly to everyone. People appear surprised and delighted to receive such an enthusiastic interaction, as if to say: "Wow! Did you not know you're in an airport?"

I just spent way too much time scrolling through Mastodon.

Back to work.

Two weeks ago, Cybersecurity class:
7 men, 1 woman.

Last week, Cybersecurity class:
6 men, 1 woman.

This week, Network class:
6 men, no women.

I don't do the hiring. I can only teach the people that are there.

So, are women not motivated to enter IT because of the barriers to entry, or are they trying to get into IT, but... facing barriers to entry?

If your CISO recommends paying the ransom, assume your CISO launched the ransomware.


Before I go to bed, I have to tell you something…

It’s after 2am, and we just recently got to the hotel where we’re staying because our flight was canceled. We came here in a cab. Shortly after we got in the cab, while conversing with the taxi driver, he mentioned that he was from Pakistan. He told us that he moved here to New York in 1974, and he has been a taxi driver since 1976....

The number one attack vector is social engineering.

The number one vulnerability is authentication.

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