The paychecks are nice, but what REALLY makes me love what I do is this sort of thing.

User stats are hard.
They're even harder if you're LinkedIn, and don't understand Software Testing and Quality Control.

I'm tempted to create a mailbox for the noreply@ address of my domain and set up an auto responder with the text "Which part of 'do not reply to this email' didn't you understand?"

There's 10 types of people.

* Those who understand binary
* Those who don't understand binary
* Those who didn't expect a base 3 joke.

Magic and Sorcery In The Bible
Talking animals. Weather control. Transmutation. The Bible is a rich source of stories about magic and wizardry, but the magic is seldom talked about. Here’s a list of some of the more surprising practices in the Bible that were glossed over in Sunday School.

Now, this is an odd advertisement... ...since Southwest Airlines doesn't have First Class.
This is when the person who paid for this advertisement says, "You know, I really need to hire a new marketing firm to create my ads."

If humans can't design reliable sensors and algorithms for self-flushing toilets, then they shouldn't be designing SELF-DRIVING CARS.

Indispensable for journalists, political commentators, and historians.
Includes deleted tweets!
All the President’s Tweets: December 2018 Edition
is now available.

Watching financial news on CNN, and this just occurred to me...

... the Wall Street bell doesn't sound ANYTHING like a Buddhist meditation bell.

Do I Need To Buy New Technology?
“Bob, don’t tell my Chief Engineer that I asked you this, but — do I really need to spend $10,000 on this new piece of equipment?”

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