Young's Law of Facemasks:
Immediately after you get your mask comfortably in position, your upper lip will begin to itch with fervent intensity.

Jehoshaphat's Dilemma

Want to know what to do when your problem is so big you have no solution? King Jehoshaphat gave us a great example to what I call “Jehoshaphat’s Dilemma.”

(Warning: religious content)

Watching an NCIS New Orleans rerun, and I learned a method for passing secret messages that I never knew before. It's embarrassing to get schooled in cybersecurity by a TV show! But, hey - take knowledge wherever you find it.

I'm teaching CompTIA Network+ online at Bellevue College. Class starts October 20th. I've prepared hundreds of people to successfully get certified nationwide. If you know someone who's preparing for the exam, let them know. To register, click on "Online -Evenings," not "Online - Independent "

I went outside today, and the smoke of a thousand forest fires filled my lungs. I am breathing the burnt flesh of trees older than me, ancient trees, now dead. I mourn.
--Bob Young
September 14, 2020

On this day six years ago I wrote:
I was teaching my students about IPv6. It's fairly complicated. I said, "They pay me a lot of money to burn your brains." One of the students said, "Well, you're doing a good job."

I'm more than a little embarrassed that I never noticed this physics faux pas when I watched all those episodes.

Do you know any college students who are taking classes remotely? Now is the time to plan for voting in November. Will they travel to their college town? Do they need to order an absentee ballot? Register to vote at their current address?

I'll be impressed by cryptographic AI when you can show it a picture of a Mesopotamian cuneiform clay tablet and it spits out the translation. I don't mean it matches the picture to a scholarly article and regurgitates an archaeologist's translation - I'm talking about the AI decoding the meaning of the symbology.

This is the first time I've posted on here from Ubuntu Linux. I just installed it today on an old desktop PC to play around with it. Any advice, anyone?

Okay, here’s one of my eccentricities. I have two letter openers. The top one is a knife with a scrimshaw handle that I bought in Hawaii when Penney and I went there for our 25th wedding anniversary. The other one is just a doodad from Office Depot. Here’s the thing: I use the beautiful knife to open checks that my clients send me – and I use the plastic thingy to open bills and junk mail.

Zoom was down, beginning around 9am Eastern Time. Do you think they might have had a little bandwidth problem with all the kids going back to school online?

I'm thinking about starting an advice column-style YouTube channel, with plenty of uplifting humor and encouragement and with (hopefully) genuinely useful advice. Theme of something like, "Advice from an old man," or...?
Thoughts? Ideas?
(Feel free to give me questions, too!)

Internet security tip: Don't use "beefstew" as a password.

It's not stroganoff.

Q) Where do people go to get drinks in cyberspace?

(Wait for it...)

A) The space bar.

Upper management wants "Data Ubiquity." Translation: "I want the largest attack surface possible."

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