The website is a bit overloaded because of the news about loan cancellations.
Screenshot at 7:30pm PST, 14 January 2022.

I got this PowerBook 180 booting and it had the single most Boomer AOL parody WAV file on the desktop, oh my GOD

Why do we say 3,000 kilometers instead of 3 megameters?

Serious IT question: are there any Apple computers in American hospitals? I don't mean a doctor's personal laptop. I'm talking about computers used for patient registration, or reading X-rays, or billing.

I am now getting replies and retweets about on Twitter.

Most recent post: "At the highest implementation of the model, workers have no access to the data, only data results. Example: call center employee can’t look at your SSN, but they can enter your SSN and the system will confirm, 'Yes, that’s correct.'”

Ted: Why did the software developer write a single line of code?
Fred: That's a trick question. Developers NEVER write just one line of code.

Ecosystems built to lock users in through their data and platform are a soft form of ransomware.

I just used Google Lens to extract text from a protected PDF file.
Step 1: Take a picture or screenshot of the page.
Step 2: Import the picture/screenshot to your Android phone.
Step 3: Open it in Google Photos.
Step 4: Tap Lens – Text – Select All – Copy.

There are many other picture-to-text tools that will do the same job.

Right now there’s a survey question on that asks what port is used by ICMP. The question lists four possible answers – all of which are port numbers.

I can’t stop laughing.

I got my first retweet about Italian Network Design! Momentum is going to build, I'm confident! I'll keep posting one tweet a day to build the body of lore on Twitter.

Here's a screenshot of today's tweet on Italian Network Design.
I also hashtagged "ransomware" to give it greater visibility.

I'm going to post about daily on Twitter for awhile, and continually add to the lore.

As a total game, I thought I'd try this on Twitter. I even created a hashtag for it.

Feel free to play along on Twitter if you like...


Based on a recommendation from @fool , I'm going to do some experimenting with the Italian network design model.

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