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FIFO Networks

@LiamErven, I saw your post boosted by @jlamar, and I'm posting a picture as a test. This is the first time I've used the caption feature. Please educate me - did I do it right? And thank you for your important post.

Hey #Fediverse. When you post pictures, please please please with puppies on top fill in that description box for the visually impaired. You will be helping us out tremendously. We want to enjoy your pictures as much as others do. You don't have to write a novel, but just fill in some details.

Thanks with much love:
A Blind Dude

Internet Research Exercise
Ten questions.
Speed matters, don't get sidetracked.
If you do it, please post your time, I'm curious!

Anyone else experiencing this? My Google Pixel XL has terrible battery life since 9 Pie. Something about the display. Adaptive brightness off, and I have to turn it up to 70%, where I used to run at about 35-40% for same display intensity.

This is the view about 5 minutes ago, standing on the balcony outside my home office. And this is why we moved to Lincoln City, Oregon.

Me: "Each of the computers in my office has a purpose."

Wife: "I'm just saying that having that many computers is an anomaly."

Me: "Well, I have friends who have as many computers as I do."

Wife: "Your friends are anomalies, too."

"I'm not scared of a machine that will pass the Turing test. I'm scared of one that will intentionally fail it."
--Andriy Burkov, 7/31/2018

If Bill Gates had a nickle for every time Windows crashed...
Oh, wait, he does!

Cybersecurity is simple. It just takes a lot of effort.

"Tell them of God's mercy and grace.
The prisoner has no need to be reminded of his chains."

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

Blockchain Flowchart, for your convenience.

rate my ergonomic standing desk setup

Screw-top wine.
In a paper cup.
Peanut butter filled pretzels.
In a hotel room.
Watching TV.
By myself.
And it looks like Bobby Flay doesn't approve.

In the hotel lobby just now, I picked up some laundry soap and asked the lady at the front desk to charge it to my room. She pecked at the keyboard a bit, and said, “Oops, I typed my password wrong. Sorry for the delay.”
I said, “No problem!”
Then, while she was typing, I kidded with her and said, “Your password is abc123.” She just smiled. The other lady at the front desk snapped her head around to look at me. Her mouth fell open. Then she said, “That was my last password. I just changed it yesterday.”

"People just lose all creativity when it comes to choosing passwords." --Kevin Mitnick

"I'm not an engineer so this may be a dumb question, but..."