Here's how the NSA recommends you destroy data after the retention period ends.
Unclassified, free download as PDF

Do you want NSA-level security for your old hard drives?

“Unfortunately, you do have to destroy your drives. CSDSR has not approved any software erasure methods. Physical destruction is the only secure way to ensure your data is gone.”

Also, “Destruction does not replace deguassing. You MUST degauss your hard drive.”


I am seriously tempted to create a rule in Outlook that automatically deletes all email from sendgrid upon arrival in the inbox.

I just added my phone number to the FIFO Networks website.
I hope that wasn't a mistake. Since it's just me, I don't have a reception desk.
Until now, the website has just had a "Contact Us" form.

My personalized channel guide - but I'm Bob. They sent me FName's personalized channel guide.

Ancient Greek theater is famous for its comedies and tragedies. In the modern world, we also have comedies and tragedies. Currently, the top-ranked are:
Comedy - Bitcoin
Tragedy - Bitcoin Investors

Another CompTIA Security+ error: "...stalkerware...used to illicitly monitor partners in relationships."
Stalkerware can be used to illicitly monitor any victim. "Partner" is NOT part of the equation.

A friend bought a Commodore 64 and posted a picture online. I'm jealous. I used to say, "If it can't be done with 64K of RAM, it doesn't need to be done."

If your email comes from a domain ending in .guru, I won’t get it.
I created an Outlook rule that blocks all incoming mail with .guru in the header, and wow, it reduced the amount of spam. Sends it straight to trash.

My Racist Sins – Confession #1
For Black History Month this year, I’m going to tell some little-known stories of prejudice in America. They are little known, because they’re stories from my life.

Hidden Messages in Job Descriptions
Your job description says a lot about your company - and warns good people not to apply. In this article, I'll explain the problem, and give some suggestions for writing compelling job descriptions.

I picked D.
CompTIA Security+ Chapter Review, Question 13
The answer section in the back of the book says “A” is correct, and then explains that “D” is correct.
But the funniest parts?
“This question is a little tricky.”
“Be careful when facing exam questions like this...”

I was a victim of identity theft. And I teach cybersecurity. Story below...

Comcast/Xfinity provides my TV and Internet service. I have the account set up on auto-pay. I receive transaction alerts on my phone and by email for every transaction on my pers…

TIL that you can block IP address ranges in Windows Defender in advanced mode. Instead of "normally" opening Windows Defender, run wf.msc and it's a full-featured, configurable firewall.

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