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FIFO Networks

I'm busily configuring routers this morning for a job in Georgia next month. Waiting for a router to reboot gives you time to toot., do you copy?, do you copy?


I registered an account on Mouser Electronics' website and caused an internal error when registering. it looks like whatever they're running doesn't like specific nonalphanumeric characters

Cybersecurity workers: here’s an interesting one.
Yesterday, I did a Google search as a quick way of getting to the download page for a user manual for an old Cisco switch that a client has. Overnight, I received a spam email to β€œAtten:Sales Dept” asking for a quote for this exact model of switch. That’s a pretty amazing coincidence.
1. Can anyone confirm that spammers are actually paying for Google search data?
2. If so, is Google doing anything to validate the legitimacy of their data customers?

How an SMS phishing attack works.
This victim gave up the code for their own bank account.

This is why you shouldn't store passwords and account information in any browser. It's a common attack point. This will happen again, and again, and again, and...

"This malware is harvesting saved credentials in Chrome, Firefox browsers"

What the actual fuck:

"A group of European security researchers have released a warning about a set of vulnerabilities affecting users of PGP and S/MIME. EFF has been in communication with the research team, and can confirm that these vulnerabilities pose an immediate risk to those using these tools for email communication, including the potential exposure of the contents of past messages."


I predict that software development is much closer to being a dead career than we care to admit. We're astonishingly close to machine-generated code based on verbal task descriptions, flow charts, and diagrams. Human software developers are going to go the way of typesetters and tailors. AI and machine learning will do it faster and with fewer errors.

Allison is a former student of mine, and a computer forensic investigator. Spell check wouldn't have caught the Microsoft error she refers to, but maybe their grammar check would've noticed. Anyway, it's funny. Can you find the problem in the picture?

I took early retirement from teaching because the world has lots of places to go and explore. I taught English language skills in technical environments in five countries.

Now, my partner and I spend each winter somewhere different but always warm. Our summers unfold in 'Beautiful BC' Canada. He and I have been together for a third of a century.

I remember when discs were floppy and computer mice had balls. Yet, I've discovered that most people my age are older than I am.

Just found out about FireChat, it's a chat app that can use wi-fi and bluetooth to create a p2p mesh network if there's no internet connection. People in Asia seem to be using it during protests or concerts.

Anyone familiar with it? Sounds really interesting.

Personal data is like crack. Once a corporation gets a single, high-strength dose of consumers' personal information, they'll do anything to get more.

The real cybersecurity threat is a failure of human will.
The solution to the ransomware problem is so incredibly simple:
1. Offline backups
2. Offline server and workstation images
3. Reload, and get back to work.
So, where does human will fit into this? Business owners aren’t budgeting for the staff and equipment to do these simple, basic things. The solutions are available today. CEOs: you have to figure out that the solution is less expensive than the risk of doing nothing.

(Q) How many have there been since the world was created?
(A) One. The earth rotates, and the sunset is a continuous event.