The have made me realize something: I am woefully ignorant of European politics. I'm embarrassed in the extreme. I will study and correct my inadequacy.

"Okay, Google."
"Sing me a song."
If you have an Android phone, do this now.
You will not be disappointed.

Why is it so hard to change a Microsoft network connection in Windows 10 from Public to Private, or Private to Public? And they've changed the procedure with various Windows 10 updates, so screenshots and how-to instructions on the web refer to menu items that don't even exist.

I’m about an eighth of the way through “Cryptonomicon” by Neal Stephenson. He gets me. He understands. He doesn’t write as an outsider, describing us. He has to have thought this way, internally, himself.

Nmap, a common network penetration testing tool, has this helpful tip in its official manual.

Nmap, a common network penetration testing tool, has this helpful tip in its official manual.

I found the answer to my question about Skorpion. I was almost impressed, until I saw that their own website doesn't use https.

I obtained a PowerPoint (never mind the source) and it referenced Skorpion. It's software, or a codename for a program, for cybersecurity in the US government. It's not a reference to the video game, and it's not a reference to Scorpion, a cybersecurity company. My Google search turned up all the wrong references. Can anyone give me more information, links, etc.?

How is the ratio of jobs-to-people in your community? Does the ratio of low-skill/high-skill jobs match the ratio of people who can do those jobs?

Took my wife out to dinner tonight for Mother's Day. Nice restaurant. At a nearby table, a boy about 5 years old asked, "Mommy, why do I have two forks?"
I wanted to say -
"Kid, I've been asking that question for 60 years, and I still haven't gotten a good answer."

If I'm in a jet taking off from PDX, and we pass through a cloud on our way to our cruising altitude at 34,000 feet, will we damage anyone's data?

I got the job! I’m excited to share the good news. I interviewed for a job at Allsafe Cybersecurity. Monday I started orientation. Today I was put to work protecting the digital assets of a big company (I’m not allowed to say who). The guy in the next cube is named Elliot. He’s really quiet, but seems nice enough. He knows his stuff. I think I’ll learn a lot from him. I’m probably not supposed to do this, but I copied the wallpaper from my desktop and brought it home to put on my own computer.

Just because the Internet exists, doesn't mean you have to connect everything to it.

Sunny day. 84°F (29°C). I opened the sliding door in my office. Sounds of birds chirping, and the "whooshing" sound of the Pacific Ocean on the beach down the hill. Life is good.

at this point i dont even try to figure out where the notification sounds are coming from anymore

I have a free app from a national chain hardware store. That makes sense. They give me the app because it lubricates the buying process and ultimately generates more sales, both in-store and online.
But I paid for the network analyzer tool that I use regularly. The free version has 99% of the features I’ll ever use, but I paid for it anyway, because that’s the only way the developers make money unless they load it up with advertising.

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