Science and Mathematics.
11 o'clock news, KIRO 7, Seattle:
As of today,
1,012 confirmed cases in Washington.
52 deaths.
Let's do the math.
52 / 1,012 x 100 = 5.138% mortality from COVID-19.
Five in every hundred.
One in every twenty.

And once again I discover that you can't plug a USB device into an HDMI port.

I've decided to use "32 bits" as a substitute for a common swear word. If you hear me say, "Aw, 32 bits!", I am cussing.

I am learning the incredible power of asking.
Simply asking.
You'll hear "no" a lot.
But, you'll hear "yes" way more often than you thought.
When you hear "no," be sure to find out why. That's your education. Use that information to modify your ask, and if you hear "no" again, find out why again. This process will get you to "yes."

Big problem: I'm becoming addicted to the Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies in the company lunch room.

In this commercial they spread Nutella on a pancake and the pancake doesn't move. That's one rock hard pancake!

"Larry Tesler, a pioneer of personal computing credited with creating the cut, copy and paste as well as the search and replace functions, has died. He was 74."

The view from the lunch room where I work in downtown Seattle. My office is on an interior wall, so the window in my office just looks out over Cubeville. But the lunch room view is nice.

Google Pixel 4 has a serious UX/UI (User Experience/User Interface) problem. They've done away with the standardized "back" button, and I'm having a dickens of a time navigating. Different apps seem to have taken different approaches, and it's not intuitive.

Big problem with Google Authenticator app. My phone died, and I had to get a new one. I was locked out of my Twitter account for DAYS while Twitter verified it was really my account. Now, I'm not using Authenticator. I'm using .


I work as a Linux sysadmin. Write some code to automate stuff and but I always describe my job in a nutshell:

Drink some coffee every day at work and pretend you know what you’re doing. Go home. Sleep. The end.


I was wrong, and I'm sorry!
A few weeks ago I bought a YubiKey, and I reported that I was underwhelmed.
Yesterday my Android phone died.
I used my YubiKey to EASILY set up my new phone's Google account.
Buy. A. YubiKey.
No. Buy two, like I did: a primary and a backup.
YubiKey is AWESOME!

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