I installed a printer remotely last night and was reminded once again that sometimes there is no substitute for a human on site.

Google's "Artificial Intelligence" is a good example of "Artificial Stupidity." Google asked me this question to improve their location database.

My favorite cartoon to post after someone online replies that they don't like the thing I like. Feel free to use this.

On a plane, cross-country flight. I have plenty of time to write. My iPad has a comfortable keyboard attached.
For the life of me, I can't get creative on a plane. Something about the fishbowl effect and proximity to others.

Lunch at Portland International Airport. Headed to Atlanta for a one-week assignment with Georgia Power. One of my favorite companies!

I just saw the word "coaxed" in a sentence. I mentally pronounced it wrong, because for decades, to me, "coax" has been an abbreviation for "coaxial cable."

It's time to rename the black or white fallacy.
Let's call it the binary fallacy.

I asked the Google Assistant, "What do you want me to do for you?"

Hey, I really enjoyed that "fall back one hour" trick.
Could we do that again tonight?

So, my scientific friends: when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) smashes a proton to bits, what if it doesn't break it into its constituent particles? What if all it does is create broken proton fragments, like so many shards of glass?

"Final Elongation Video"
... doing backups on a server at an industrial company, and these file names are scrolling up the screen. They're actually all legit. But they sound, well, weird...

I read this entire web page, and I still don't know what this company does. But I can tell you this: they claim to be a technology innovator, but they make their website with insecure http instead of https.

Declutter Your Fantasy Self
"Unfortunately, we tend to bolster our fantasies by buying the props that go with them."

Half-dead plant on my breakfast table adds ambience at Hilton Garden Inn.

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