A successful business owner automates, eliminates jobs, and reduces payroll.
A successful, moral business owner creates as many living wage jobs as humanly possible.
In America, a morally bankrupt business owner hires two part-time employees instead of one full-time employee in order to avoid paying for health insurance.

A guy on LinkedIn posted, "There is NO EXCUSE why every mission critical data comm or telecom network NEEDS TO EVER FEAR DDoS attacks."
This is false. He is wrong. He's obviously selling something.
There are mitigation techniques, but not perfect ones.

I'm a fan too, but hey - May the Fourth will never be as cool as March 14th.

Today I worked from a handwritten "to do" list recorded on old-fashioned paper, and I was highly effective.

We're watching "Kong: Skull Island" tonight. In this scene, it's 1973, and the exploration team is being introduced. One of the people is a "Data Wrangler." I think that title is far superior to Data Scientist. Let's start using Data Wrangler again.

I'm not a prepper, but if I was, it'd be because of the threat of cyberwar, not nuclear war.
Why destroy the crops when all you need to destroy is distribution?

in the absence of information, I just make shit up

QuickBooks is the most fragile database program I know. And bloated, too. I wonder if those two problems are related.

Virtual Reality Idea
Everyone is working on visual, audible, and tactile VR, but how about this?
A disk that you put in your mouth that can replicate flavors.
I just saw a news item about the oldest known bottle of whiskey being auctioned in June. The ability to experience classic tastes and foods from other cultures would be an interesting use of VR. And no calories!
If you make money with my idea, feel free to reward me with a generous percentage.


Try to imagine my excitement when I discovered that my hotel room has a Citrus Facial Bar instead of just dreary old soap.

I'm not a tax expert, and I could be wrong - but I believe I found a set of circular instructions that make it impossible to calculate your taxable income under a certain combination of circumstances. I needed two worksheets, and both of them required numbers from the other one to complete.

Well, it's 4:43.
4:20 has come and gone.
Everybody pretty relaxed?

"Are you unfamiliar with mugs or their proper use? For a free refresher course, watch our inspiring and instructional video!"
Brought to you by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild

I finished reading Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations." I struggled a bit through the last half, because honestly, I wasn't seeing any new concepts. It seemed to me like he was re-hashing ideas he had already presented. Don't get me wrong, I think it's well worth reading. I wonder if anyone here can point me to a significant concept that doesn't appear until near the end of the book.

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