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I'm moving my fediverse account! Follow me at @james - a new instance hosted on an unstable server in a friend's basement that will almost certainly have unexpected downtime and become a major issue in the future. It'll be so much fun!

I'm moving my fediverse account! Follow me at @james - a new instance hosted on an unstable server in a friend's basement that will almost certainly have unexpected downtime and become a major issue in the future. It'll be so much fun!

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Nothing burns out maintainers faster than entitled users being a thorn in their sides. Remember, the maintainers have volunteered their time - their most precious currency - to give you something cool, for free. You're not entitled to anything else.

Please don't be That Guy. I work hard to keep That Guy away from contributors and co-maintainers on my projects, because I've found that exposure to That Guy will quickly burn out my friends and lose contributors.

My plan has a critical flaw: the "" domain is $720/yr.

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Random tool that I'd really like to exist:
A website I can shove a set of distro-specific package names at as query arguments to generate a list of beginner-friendly instructions for installing said package on whatever package manager they happen to be using - including how to open the terminal, and troubleshooting installation errors.

I'm thinking of `/?npm=package&apt=package&brew=package` to present the user with a dropdown for all three...

On one hand I can understand Android's new(ish) focus on "preventing interruptions," but it's still frustrating that there's no manufacturer/device-independent way of ensuring an app *will* run at a given time - even for alarm clocks.

This just enables mindless permission-granting as a solution rather than giving users (or developers) a proper interface to ensure their apps can function.

A scroll through makes it seem like this isn't getting better anytime soon...

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Just released a new version of Everyone's Favorite Open Source Alarm Clock - mostly containing small bug fixes, UX improvements, and improved translations. Huuuge thanks to everyone whose contributions made it into this update!

This should also quell most of the background-optimization-ey issues in Android 10+ with a bit of a hacky workaround... I'm not too pleased with either the current solution or the "proper" way apps are supposed to handle this, but it is what it is.

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I think the biggest difference between people is people who think either:

"The world is fair and your position in it is largely down to your decisions" or

"The world is fucking backwards, often punishes the undeserving and rewards the terrible, and your position in it is mostly luck"

I've been planning on moving my projects off GitHub to a self-hosted Gitea instance for a while, but it's incredibly difficult to actually go through with because so many of my projects have been built on and around their APIs in every conceivable way... well, this is at least a step towards that.

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Released a pretty hefty update to Attribouter today - most of the library has been rewritten in Kotlin, and I've been messing with Retrofit + Coroutines to abstract the GitHub API a little - planning to add support for GitLab & Gitea in the next few weeks!

I'm planning to change all the "identifier" attributes to accept a format like "" so that projects & contributors from any service can be mixed.

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I thought I'd almost forgotten how addictive android dev was until now - spent an entire day working with Kotlin & Coroutines... and I am very happy.

The small quality-of-life features like `List.firstOrNull` combined with complex niceties like property delegates and generic type arguments make Kotlin _really_ satisfying to work with for something like this.

Now I need to start changing my package names so I can find a way around that rule and break their config again...

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Most of my Android libraries don't play too nicely with proguard, and I found a nice gem in someone else's config today...

Not "-keep {specific library package name}"

Not "-keep {class that breaks things}"

They literally have "-keep me.jfenn.**" in their config. So they just 'exclude anything written by James' lmao

Why maintaining open source projects is fun: occasionally someone will open an issue in one of my repos to complain about how my software has been built *improperly* and that I've somehow been negligent by not putting in the work for a _clearly easy and trivial fix_, when it's actually pretty complicated and implementing it wouldn't benefit me in the slightest!

Bonus points if they ignore my hints about the project being *open to contributions* and continue to insist that I fix it or else.

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This is more of an excuse for me to do these things with these people than anything viewer-related, but I'd be interested to see if anyone enjoys them - if all goes well, I might start to do this sort of stuff more often as time allows.

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Having not done any streaming for a while, I have two livestreams planned this week - tomorrow at 9pm(ish) EST, I'll be playing some old-school Quake with Corbin ( and chatting about... things. No specific plans for this. We'll see where it goes.

On Friday, at about 5pm EST, I'll be streaming some work on AIGHT with a friend or two, where we'll be fixing bugs, adding features, and being moderately productive for once.

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I drafted this #FacialRecognition ban for #NewHaven with the help of @eff and we're building momentum to get it passed. After the Fight For The Future action at Yale tomorrow, we will make sure the Elm City joins cities around the U.S. in passing this important #privacy safeguard. 1/2

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OK OK OK OK OK OK OK I so want to do this:

Shithole Capital: Sponsors pay $X/mo, the value of X indicates the amount of weight that Sponsors message has on the leaderboard.

Money is shit. Capital is shit. You don't want to hold on to tons of shit do you? Well, flush it down the Shithole! You'll never see it back! BUT

Every dollar gets turned into fertilizer as 5-year low-interest or revenue-share loans with a 7 year jubilee clause where the loan is forgiven if it's not been fully repaid.

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# Regarding why software is so bad

> There is no way for Google, Facebook, or Twitter to quit ad revenue and continue to exist in the marketplace. There is no way for Microsoft or IBM to turn down contracts with body counts and continue to maintain their power. Profit enthralls them, and it infects our craft. To afford food, we have paywalled the sum total of human knowledge.

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