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I wish software development had actual progress, like science, medicine or engineering, instead of just repeating the same mistakes over and over.

We don't need computer science courses. They focus on algorithms and data structures, but developers rarely need to implement those, much like mechanical engineers rarely need to craft their own nuts and bolts.

What's missing are industry standard best practices for building software for good structural integrity and ease of maintenance.

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As @davatron5000 says, I don't like playing cat and mouse with my privacy. daverupert.com/2018/04/dave-we At the same time, I'd prefer to run open-source software rather than iOS. And I've used Android since the HTC Dream.

But using Android without Google apps is just *so* hard. Not only do I have to invoke weird terminal sorcery every six months, but the damn thing doesn't even work very well – I haven't had working push notifications or GPS in a year. Time to throw in the towel?

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It seems like it ranks companies over individual devs, placing ad-ridden abominations at the top of the list and insta-banning poor indies that have done nothing wrong. In case you needed a citation:

When something does go wrong, it's almost impossible to reach a human to resolve the issue (or even find out what it is) unless you're a large company with the pull of a thousand horses.

The reason (I think) that these restrictions are needed isn't because developers are misusing the functionality. Well, that is a cause, but it isn't why they have to. [Windows / OSX / (insert Linux distro here)] doesn't have any restrictions like these, and it's doing perfectly fine. The problem is that the Play Store isn't properly moderated to remove apps that violate this without reason. Its moderation is almost totally humanless - a marvel of automation - and makes mistakes far too often.

Yet another instance of legitimate products / services dying because Google is too hung up on "improving security for our users" to notice. Can anyone make a lockscreen for individual apps now? What about a phone / dialer app that lets users accept incoming calls? Oh, but of course Duo will be fine, since Google owns it. I can think of more apps that violate this to do something useful than violations I've seen that do not. Ridiculous.


Why is scheduling a background task to run at a specific time so stupidly difficult in Android? I feel like JobManager is just some sort of black box where you say "I want this to happen, uhh, some time vaguely in the future, I think" and it then calculates a trigger time which for all I know could be based on `Math.random()`. github.com/fennifith/Cronhub-M

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There are some really freaking cool people i'd never virtually meet had I not joined the fediverse.

Thank you all for being awesome. For every minor negative encounter I've had on here there have been literally hundreds of positive connections.

I'm still blown away that such a healthy social network exists.

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I could've used an extra day of sleep this morning.

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Not that your point needs clarification, but I really wanted to boost it because it relates to what we're working on.

As we build these tools, we have to remember that Mastodon (and the proposed 402-Receits system) is federated, not decentralized. I don't think everything can be decentralized; federation is a (important) compromise.

I guess it's the same reason I find mastodon & other "decentralized social networks" interesting, because not everybody has to commit to one single service with one client and one UX, and yet nothing is split up as a result. It all works together. Mostly.

Not that IRC is losing users to discord, or even that discord should allow IRC connections to their servers (it'd be nice, but that's another matter). I just like that it isn't just some black box of data - it's a protocol, which other clients can use regardless of who made them.

It's a bit annoying to me that using IRC for anything today basically requires owning a server - which most (US) ISPs prohibit in their ToS. Freenode is a good way to make them more accessible, but "plain IRC" is still giving way to closed IRC-based services like slack/discord in most areas - with a few exceptions, of course.

I wrote an article for Double Dot Labs on how to join a channel on Freenode and register a username. IRC is fun. doubledot.dev/blog/2019-03-06-

Does anyone know of any free-use / personally owned radio streams similar to plaza.one/? Looking for sources that I could add as presets in Alarmio. github.com/fennifith/Alarmio/i

I swapped the display to my ThinkPad T520 over the weekend (from 720 -> 1080p) and took some more aesthetic pictures of its insides. God it's such a beautiful machine. Makes me sad to think that nearly everything today is just a board sandwiched between plastic and a gallon of glue.


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me at 19: why would someone with a cool stem degree want to sell kombucha at the farmers market or run a yarn store?

me at 30: ohhhhhhhh

I got an interesting email from Google today. It's nice to know that they track everywhere I go and whatever I do there :)
(Partially joking - I enabled location tracking on purpose, but this definitely makes me reconsider that...)

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People complain about a shortage of qualified programming candidates, but I think it's better to think of it as a surplus of software projects.

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