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I spent a bit of time this week writing a sizable blog post containing some of my reflections on the "Google, Play Fair!" website that Aptoide launched a while ago.

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A reminder that Status is a giant hack that shouldn't work: this issue was resurfaced in an email today.

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I decided to publish something I wrote for class about Apple and My writing is far from perfect, but I believe it is a decent summary of the issues / arguments surrounding the Right to Repair movement, and what is being done to improve.

Bash scripting? More like bash my head against a brick wall aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'd love to just have a per-repo file that can specify all of this for individual projects so I don't have to keep track of which domains are linked to which port number on the server. I feel like something like this should exist already, but I've been looking for a while and Heroku's language-specific CI is the closest thing I've found.

Is there any existing standard for running hostable services, e.g. a PKGBUILD-like file that specifies:
- what dependencies it needs
- how to identify it (some kind of package name?)
- what files to serve
- an nginx config to apply
- which service(s) to start / persist on boot

I'll be self-hosting a few different things that I'd like to be reproducible / not tied to the specific machine they're running on. Docker is half a solution, but would still result in a messy nginx config to get everything running.

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Free software 

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No lie, I have to thank @maybekatz for putting me on to @licensezero. I actually didn’t have too much hope in the FSF to grow or potentially in the OSI to opt for more communal efforts but this is giving me that hope back.

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RMS Disgustingness 

I suppose what I'm looking for is just a way to preserve the program's state between runs. Is a dynamic database too heavy/inaccessible of a dependency for what is essentially a small CLI tool?

For reference:

Question: Is there a common method for storing web cache / data in Linux programs/scripts? A user-specific "offline store" is perhaps the most specific way to describe it. /var/cache seems like the most sensible place (although I would prefer if it wasn't system-wide), but what about format? The incoming data is mostly JSON, but that could easily change in the future, and the structure used by web providers will not be preserved.

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@tomasino Honestly, I get that a life without the FSF or GNU project would wound the man. It would be ripping his life's work from him.

But if we stand around all day scratching our beards wondering why there is a lack of women and others in FLOSS while he leads the FSF; we are hypocrites too.

I am realllly having a stupid amount of fun with this library. Everything just works! It's been a while since I last built something for myself and I definitely needed it.

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is there a "do something with that domain you purchased, you fool, you dolt" code/art jam that i can participate in

I spent my nice refreshing wednesday afternoon by Definitely Not Reinventing JSX today! (documentation in progress...)

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If you create tools that can be used maliciously against people without at least attempting to prevent misuse, you actually created a weapon.

Techbros try to sterilize the situation with their neutrality because that's what their FOSS ideology asks of them. Inaction is also political. FOSS is not a shield for you to protect yourself from social responsibility.

Platforming racists/facists by giving them access to your tools gives them space to hurt people with their ideas; making you complicit.

I finally bagged @fennifith to try out this total Instagram knockoff for fediverse nerds, and I love it! All the good things about Instagram, minus the invasive data analytics and tracking "features".

Great work @dansup! Hmu if you want help building a (native) Android app anytime - or I'll wait until the API is documented and make one myself :D

(let's be realistic, I'll probably end up making my own either way, just because I *can*)

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SISKO: But now, five years later, this has something to tell.
BRUNT: I'm going to make an example of someone. On second thought, I'll just get in my ship and try to escape.
KASIDY: I'm glad I caught you before you say no you'd better consider the fact that if you want to throw that away. I'm glad you think I told them?
LAAS: Once I migrated to the Link, it is a new Link.
WORF: It might make the delivery. The fight must be taken so frivolously.
QUARK: I don't have a wonderful time.

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Thank you @federicomena for reminding people how to disclose security vulnerabilities (especially in FOSS projects) in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

We need people who check open source code for security vulnerabilities, because bugs only become shallow if enough eyeballs actually turn to them.
But we also need those people to report them in a way that does not do harm.

It isn't wrong if it works. It's wrong if you write an entire file without a single comment explaining what on earth it does.

"It isn't wrong if it works" is definitely sound advice, though I can't help doubting that sentiment a little given the situation I've dug myself into...

I have a 500+ line RecyclerView Adapter to reorganize today!

You'd really think I would be disgusted at the way some of my older projects are written - and believe me I am - but I'm more amazed that I managed to write something this terrible and still have it work.

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