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And one more also at @fdroidorg with 38 updated and 2 new apps:

* Flexbooru: Danbooru, Moebooru, Gelbooru, Shimmie client
* FTPClient: simple FTP, FTPS and SFTP client

Enjoy your at, from and with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg with 37 updated and 3 new* apps – and in my repo with 6 updated and 3 new+ apps:

* EasySSHFS: Sshfs with ssh client and interface
* GPN 2022: GPN 2022 Schedule
* IITC-CE Mobile: map for Ingress Prime game
+ DAVx⁵ (on special request; already at @fdroidorg)
+ Owl: client for OwlBot dictionary
+ SyncPlay: synchronize media playback across devices

Enjoy your & at, with and from :awesome:

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Darf ich mich vorstellen?
Ich bestehe auf offene Quellen. Ich sammle keine Daten. Ich spioniere nicht. Ich biete ausgewählte Apps. Ich bin unabhängig von einem gewissen großen Datenkraken. Ich bin ein installierbarer Katalog mit FOSS-Apps (Free and Open Source Software) für #Android. Mit einem Client vereinfache ich die Suche und Installation von Apps und behalte den Überblick über Aktualisierungen.
Wer ich bin?
Ich bin F-Droid!
@fdroidorg #ichbin #fdroid

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Stories written by life – or in this case by Licaon_Kter, one of F-Droid’s contributors: „From user to contributor and beyond“. To help support the work of Licaon_Kter and other contributors, please consider donating to F-Droid. We’re looking to raise €1,200 per week so Licaon_Kter can keep contributing full-time.

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at @fdroidorg today, with 33 updated and 7 new apps:

* Burning-Series: watch them for free!
* Flindex: find your stuff
* GLPI Agent: inventory management
* Gridle: a word game
* OwnTracks: your location companion
* Sushi: personal finance
* Time Cop: time tracking

enjoy your at, from and with :awesome:

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@fdroidorg - Shelter, verschiedene App-Instanzen nutzen
- AirGuard, erkennt AirTags die euch folgen
- ntfy, einfach Benachrichtigungen aus Skripts heraus senden
- GPSTest, anzeigen welche GPS-Satelliten verwendet werden, Genauigkeit etc

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Today's has no new apps for you unfortunately – but 42 updated at @fdroidorg and 8 updated in mine. As we just celebrate the , one of the updates in my repo was insporation*, a client for Diaspora where my updater missed updates for almost a year due to the tag name not changing (always named "nightly"😱) had an update for Lemuroid, a client, and NewPipe, the famous YT client which also supports .

So today, enjoy the updated & apps with 😃

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And there comes the at @fdroidorg with its 59 updates and 2 new apps:

* LfDI BW: Alles zum LfDI BaWü. Willkommen bei F-Droid!
* Torrents-csv-android: search Torrents-csv (for downloads you'll need a torrent app supporting Magnet links)

Enjoy your at, from and with :awesome:

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Which is why I added it to my repo ASAP, which often serves as "stepping stone" in such cases. As pointed out in another toot, we (@fdroidorg) are just in the progress to upgrade our build servers. We prefer not to hasten that and live with avoidable bugs, but rather start as stable as possible 😋

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Habe gerade @fdroidorg als "vertrauenswürdige Quelle" in unsere firmen-interne Handreiche für Mobilgeräte herein gebracht.

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LOL. Just when it's tooted. So at @fdroidorg has 42 updated and 1 new app:

* Pitch Pipe: get your string instruments in tune

So enjoy your at, from and with as well 🤣

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A little at @fdroidorg today with 27 updated and 1 new app:

* Olauncher Clutter Free: minimalistic launcher

Enjoy your from, with and at :awesome:

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Aaand… at @fdroidorg too, with 19 updated and 1 added app:

* dawdle: a Moodle client

Enjoy your at, from and with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg with 39 updated and 13 new apps today:

* Battery Notification: battery status notification
* Chiki Chiki Tube: video streaming
* DroidRec: screen recorder
* Gas Prices: German Spritpreise
* Hacki for Hacker News: Hacker News reader
* LAC Tool: LAC map merging & more
* Libre Weather: weather forecast
* ListMaker: maintain lists ffor shopping, travel, …
* Markdownr: share links in Markdown format
* now8: public transport

Enjoy from

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Oh, at @fdroidorg as well – looks like the "broken index" has been fixed finally! 7 newcomers here since my last post:

* Immich: client for the self-hostable photo backup/library
* Aodify: Always On Display on demand
* Fall: lets your phone scream if it moves to fast
* Flash Alarm: turn on the flashlight when an alarm goes off.
* link eye: open url with your preffered app
* NightLight light: simple night light
* Velas Wallet: manage your cryptocurrency

Enjoy … :awesome:

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We are currently dealing with some server issues making it impossible for users to check for updates in F-Droid. All apps shown in the app can still be downloaded. We're aware of the issue and working on it.

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Yay, heavy 🌧️ – at @fdroidorg with 32 updated and 4 new apps (*), and at with 5 updated and 2 new apps (+):

* Destination Sol: 2D space arcade/RPG
* Fox's Magisk Module Manager: bring back the module manager to Magisk
* gophercle: a gopher client
* PolyCal: calendar widget
+ Java IDE: compile and run java code from your mobile phone
+ Presents: wish lists

Enjoy your & at & with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg today with 36 updated apps and 1 new:

* SmokeStack: companion of Smoke (

In my repo, just 8 updates today and no newly added apps. Still:

Enjoy your & at, with and through :awesome:

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