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@redplanet @fdroidorg Free Android apps that don't violate your trust, curated in the open.

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I'd like to phrase it:

An open source app store, that respects your privacy, freedom and rights and informs you whether an application might breach these three values.

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How would you describe F-Droid to a "normal" Google-Android user in just one sentence?

/cc @fdroidorg

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xD, so much about the myths of generaly better using comercial silo plattforms cause of creater reach.

@fdroidorg joined during the 'same' time (~one hour delay) twitter and mastodon.


- 46 follower
- first post 12 rt
- 914 follower
- first post 325 boosts

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Pour le moment les rapports ne concerne que les applis provenant du playstore, du coup je n'affiche les rapports que pour les applications bien identifié comme venant du playstore (pas encore yalp). Je sais pas encore ce qui est prévu avec F-Droid. Si des rapports provenant d'application depuis F-Droid sont fait ce sera inclus à ce moment là.

Il pourra aussi être possible de faire sauter le filtre à la demande avec un warning.
@exodus @fdroidorg

Exodus Privacy @exodus is now available on F-Droid:

For now it only works on apps installed through google play though that hopefully improves in the future.
CC/ @Schoumi

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Exodus Privacy est dorénavant disponible sur F-Droid.

Pour soutenir @exodus:

Pour me soutenir: ou

For those who had problems before, Yalp Store update 0.37 now live on F-Droid ( fixes the FC on startup.

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Do you know that you can use #Tor #onion instances with the app? Just set up the proxy. It is as simple as that. 
#Mastalab #tips

If you happen to know people on that *other* platform, you can spread the word there as well:

We are **way** more popular here btw it seems :)

Which apps that are on F-Droid should we follow here?

Proof that it's really us:

Will post a blog post later, but publishing that takes a while.

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