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Do you use on de-googled or stock ?

Here's a short post mortem for the server outage on Friday and Saturday: A syntax error in a configuration file slipped onto our production web-server. At the same time the server responsible for assembling our website experienced download timeouts when fetching app-listing metadata, which made troubleshooting extra hard. We've added additional tests to catch this type of error before they get a chance to interrupt our services. We're also working on improving web-server architecture.

Our website is back online! You may still get 404 errors on some pages while everything is syncing up, but that should fix itself over the next few hours. Thanks for your patience!

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at @fdroidorg again with 67 updated and 6 new apps:

* CTU Menza: Czech Technical University in Prague mensa
* Librera Reader: eBook reader
* Mute reminder: notifies when ringer is muted but media is not
* SecondsClock: clock widget
* Spotube: Spotify client
* UnitsTool: convert units

Note that while the website is currently broken, your F-Droid client on-device will still work fine. So enjoy your from, at and with F-Droid :awesome:

F-Droid website is currently down. We're working on a solution and hopefully have it running again soon. 🤞

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Today's brings you 86 updated and 8 new apps on @fdroidorg (plus 6 updated in my repo):

* ChordReader 2: fetch chords & lyrics online
* Filester: a simple file uploader
* Gao&Blaze: a narrative investigation game
* Gugal: an alternative Google Search app (requires Google account & API key)
* Intra: encrypted DNS client
* Session F-Droid: encrypted private messenger
* Unchained: interact with Real Debrid

Enjoy your & with, at & from :awesome:

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@alextofanel @Cedara @fdroidorg Just like K-9 Mail, Thunderbird Android will absolutely be maintained on F-Droid.

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Not only 🌧️ outside, also inside: 51 updated and 5 new apps at @fdroidorg + 10 updated apps in my repo:

* Anki Image Occlusion: create normal, group and combine cloze anki cards
* IYPS: test your passwords' strength
* My Brain: tasks, notes, events & more
* Open Golf: a mini golf game with 20 levels
* PixaPencil: a pixel art editor

Enjoy your & at, from and with :awesome:

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🌧️ outdoors, and indoors: 11 updates in my repo, and @fdroidorg has 41 updated and 3 new apps:

* Audio Spectrum Analyzer: Real-Time Audio Spektrum and Spektrogramm Analyzer
* Bacon: customizable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) controller
* CameraFileCopy: data transfer per camera (even in airplane mode)

Enjoy your & at, with and from :awesome:

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Just signed: @conservancy @aprilorg @fdroidorg support users' right to install any software on any device, and so do ⭐74⭐ other organisations who signed our open letter. Still counting! Both tech & the environment benefit from advanced digital rights.

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again today, at @fdroidorg with 67 updated and 4 new (*) apps – in my repo with 9 updates and 1 new (+) app:

* aksharam: reference app for Indian language scripts
* Chaldea: Material Planner for Fate/GO
* Noise Cancelling: turn it off for BOSE headphones
* Speaker: Bluetooth speaker fix: play background sound
+ USB Serial Telnet Server: binds a USB serial converter to a Telnet client

Enjoy your & with, at & from :awesome:

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today with 19 updated and 4 new apps at @fdroidorg (*) as well as 6 updated and 2 new apps in my repo:

* BTC Map: find wehre you can get rid of your Bitcoins
* floccus: bookmark sync
* Best-Before: keep track of your products' expiries
* toodoo: manage your tasks
+ Howl: a minimal offline music player
+ LinkHub: manage your link collection

Enjoy your & at, from and with :awesome:

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again, today with 4 updated apps in my repo – plus 33 updated and 1 new app at @fdroidorg

* NÖ Finderlein: companion app for the Austrian NÖ-Card

Nö? Doch. Och: Nieder-Österreich 😉 Wo gibbet mit der Karte welche Boni/Ermäßigungen.

Enjoy your and at & with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg this morning with 63 updated and 6 new apps:

* ente - encrypted photo storage
* NGA: client for the NGA forum
* Odysee: explore videos on Odysee
* Parlera — word guessing game
* Plexus: find out which of your apps will still work if you'd de-google your device
* Qonvert: converting rational numbers between different bases and representations

Enjoy your from, with and at :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg with 68 updated and 3 new apps (and 9 updated apps in my repo):

* Shadowsocks: a Shadowsocks client
* zSMTH: client for SMTH BBS
* 开屏跳过: skip open ads

And no, I didn't write those descriptions… Hope you still can enjoy your and from, with and at :blobcatfingerguns:

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🇬🇧 Here is a call! Exodus #application is developed by volunteers, but we want to increase the rhythm. So we're searching for a #Kotlin developer for #Android who would like to help us on this. It's paid, obviously. If you're a #freelance and interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

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