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How much money do you spend on apps?

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Snow in front of the door ❄️ and a little 🌧️ at @fdroidorg this morning, with 39 apps updated and 1 new app added:

* Life Dots: notes & journaling "in the 7 dimensions of time, location, notes and photo."

Enjoy your & from, at and with – more to come! :awesome:

If you have ever rsynced from or run an mirror:

we are decommissioning Please sync with our very capable primary mirror providers:

Sometimes we get concerned inquiries about apps in targeting old SDK versions. Targeting newer SDK versions does strengthen the sand-boxing, but it also breaks features used by apps. Google puts those kinds of restrictions in because users don’t trust proprietary apps, since most are constantly trying to steal user data. F-Droid reviews all apps from source to prevent that, so we don’t need to break features to gain privacy.

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A little at @fdroidorg again today with 21 updated and 1 new app:

* Forage: a shopping list front-end to your self-hosted Mealie instance

Enjoy your at and with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg – today with 19 updated and 2 new apps:

* Always On Display Toggle: QuickSettings tile to toggle Always On display
* Cams: RTSP viewer for IP cameras

Enjoy your from and with :awesome:

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Another at @fdroidorg today, with 30 updated and 2 new apps:

* Digitales Klassenzimmer: virtuelle Klassenzimmer (nur teilnehmende Schulen)
* NoiseCapture: measure environmental noise

(at the same time, another 5 updated apps in my repo)

Enjoy your & at & with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg again, with 34 updated and 6 new apps:

* Cards With Cats: play cards against compu-cats
* Goguma: an IRC client
* Hex Launcher: a minimalist launcher
* krassesSpiel: a shooting game
* Medic Log: for personal medical notes
* Simple Random Stock: draw a random stock of 3 US indices

Enjoy your at and with :awesome: was briefly down earlier today, it is online again, we're looking into the root cause.

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at @fdroidorg again! 39 apps updated & 6 added:

* Custom Riddle Generator: generate your own
* Duress: listen for & act upon duress passwords on the lockscreen (
* Energize: track your food and nutrition
* Meditation: an essential meditation timer
* Mooltifill: auto-fill with the Mooltipass BLE hardware authenticator
* Sentry: enforce security policies of your device

Enjoy your with and at :awesome:

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🌦️ Weather report: again, globally: 38 updated & 3 new apps at @fdroidorg (*), 9 updated & 1 new app at (+):

* Cheogram: XMPP client (fork of Conversations)
* LibreTube: an alternative YT client (using Piped)
* NuSimi: dictionary of native american languages
+ piwigo_ng: access photos stored in your own Piwigo gallery

Enjoy your and at and with :awesome:

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Just in case you think nothing was happening just because I didn't announce some – I usually announce whenever new apps were added. But as often, there are days like today where there are "only" updates:

* 47 updated apps at @fdroidorg
* 3 updated apps in my repo

Otherwise I had to post this 🌧️ every single day… 👀 :eyes_fast: :eyes_opposite: 😆

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at @fdroidorg: after 48 updated apps 2 days ago, another 32 updated today and 1 new app was added.

* DPI Tunnel v2: serverless solution against censorship

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg today with 53 updated and 5 new apps:

* Anemo: a private local storage utility 💾
* CollinsDictionary: a client for the … Collins Dictionary 📚
* МК 61/54: emulator of the famous Electronika МК 61/54 programmable calculators 🔟
* IzzyOnDroid: oops? Me? A client for the IzzyOnDroid repo (not written by me) :android:
* WebRTCCheck: WebRTC Check for Android 🌐

Enjoy your at and with :awesome:

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Ugh, I should have waited a few more minutes – now at @fdroidorg too, with 33 updated and 1 new app:

* WebCall: Web Telephony with NFC Connect

Enjoy your with and at too :awesome:

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at @fdroidorg today with 42 updated and 5 new apps:

* 12345 - Learn Counting: for pre-school children
* Adnihilation: smash ads (gamification)
* isUserAMonkey & isUserAGoat: introducing you to these two Android functions
* TKCompanionApp: helper for Toyota Kata practitioners
* Trollslate: troll your friends with messages in barcode look

Enjoy your from – and stay tuned for the next rain this evening from my repo :awesome:

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How did the #Google v. Oracle case contribute to the #freesoftware movement? #opensource #FOSS #technology #APIs

📰READ Eben Moglen's latest piece in a new series entitled "Google v. Oracle: The End of an Era" here:

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User accounts are so often a method of tracking users, yet they are not a requirement for running most internet services. #FDroid #Jitsi #CleanInsights #Wikipedia #Briar #FirefoxFocus all provide shining examples of working without accounts.

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New at both @fdroidorg (12 updated + 1 new app) and my repo (2 updated and 1 new app):

* Shorey: manage personal information and knowledge
+ Coin Collection: keep track of which U.S. coins you already have

Enjoy your and at and with :awesome:

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