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Next heavy 🌧️ at @fdroidorg – today 82 updates and 9 new:

* Gotify-UP: Unified Push client (Foss Cloud Messages :awesome:)
* Hypatia: Malware scanner
* Mull: privacy oriented web browser
* Stealth: Reddit client
* Debitum: keep track of lent money and items
* Learn reading: French learning app for children
* Léon: URL cleaner

And more. Enjoy your from :awesome:

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Serious 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again today: 50 updates and 9 new apps:

* SagerNet: a modular proxy toolchain with 5 of its modules
* DeepL: a client for the translation service of the same name
* QuickWeather: Wheather at a glance, world-wide
* SMS Import / Export: Backup & Restore your short messages

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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🌧️ time again at @fdroidorg – today 72 updates and 4 new apps:

* Watt – What? Oh: Disable or enable components(receivers/services/activities) easily
* SpotiFlyer: download songs/playlists from Spotify, Gaana & YT
* monocles browser: a privacy-focused web browser
* Easy Ear Trainer for Chord Progressions: train your musical ear

Enjoy your from :awesome:

is now available for the , providing truly system images. They are included in the F-Droid CI image ""

Celebrate with us: currently 3.500 apps are available in the F-Droid main repo, yay! 🍾🍹

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:fdroid: :rain: service toot: exactly 3.500 apps now in the main repo! 🎉 🎇 The newcomer is:

* Organic Maps: Offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation

plus 45 updates today. My own repo today features 3 newcomers:

* USB Gadget Tool: emulate keyboard, mouse & more
* Digital Green Certificates Wallet & Verifier apps: for the EU's "vaccination proof" should it ever lift off

Enjoy your at :awesome:

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Belated :fdroid: 🌧️ toot due to AFK. 5 new apps since last toot, a.o.

* free2pass: German Corona check-in app
* PayNoWay: Bitcoin app to test payment systems against double-spend attacks
* TorServices: TOR proxy as a service
* monocles chat: XMPP client

further about 50 updates. Enjoy your from :awesome:

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And there comes the :fdroid: 🌧️ – this time 51 updates and 4 new apps:

* @PixelDroid is a client for our Fediverse friends at Pixelfed 🖼️
* Another notes app is – another notes app? 🎶 🤪 nope, 📔
* Instant Sound Effects is a fun app to make noises (no farts, though) 🔊
* unofficial Stud.IP-app is a… yes, unofficial app for Stud.IP 👩‍🎓

Once more: enjoy your from :awesome:

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:fdroid: 🌧️ today: 1 new app at @fdroidorg

* Finamp: client for Jellyfin media server

77 updated, a.o. after 4 years again BetterBatteryStats (BBS)

New in the IoD repo:

* LockUp: a Cellebrite UFED self-defense app (initiates factory-reset when it detects "extraction attempts").

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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:fdroid: :rain: time: with 70 updates and 4 new apps:

* Camera Folder: wherever you can open a file, you can open a camera 📷
* FingerList: like back in the 90s, use the finger protocol 🖐️
* Mill: 9 men morris game
* Smart AutoClicker: visual automation (of "taps")

Updates include andOTP, Tusky, TrackerControl, RHVoice, OAndBackupX, OSMBugs and more.

Meanwhile in my repo:

* tFileTransfer: device2device transfer
* NextEditor: simple text editor

Enjoy with :awesome:

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:fdroid: 🌧️ again! At @fdroidorg 38 updates and 4 new apps:

* Lucia: privacy-friendly check-in (Germany)
* VPN Hotspot
* Kwik EFIS
* Lavabit Proxy

At IzzyOnDroid:

* Simple Time Tracker: track with what you spend your time
* Save a Copy: for apps that won't let you "save" but only store in their private area, get access to your content on Android 11+ by having a copy

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Shoutout to @ashfurrow: thanks for adding our logo. :fdroid: 💕 Also big thanks for hosting our home on mastodon. :mastodon: 💕

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🌧️ at @fdroidorg again! 4 new apps:

* Tuner: for your musical devices
* QDict: using dictionaries in StarDict format
* LibreCHovid: the Swiss pendant to @CCTG (libre fork of their official app with the proprietary parts replaced by microG)
* Kotatsu: Manga Reader

On top of this, there were 45 apps updated – including KeePassDX, Podverse, SelfPrivacy, AndStatus, CCTG and many, many more.

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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Time for 🌧️ again, 3 new apps at @fdroidorg today:

* Kaku: Practice kanji writing
* To Don't: inverse todo (things to avoid)
* Virtuosity: Organize and track your music practice

further, 54 updates: @windvolt has some major news, NewPipe got a new version, @CCTG finally built successfully again and now comes with "QR Code Check-in" (forget that "other app" with its empty promises 😉) and many more.

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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🌧️ at @fdroidorg again. 59 updates and 3 new apps:

* Bibledit – collaborative bible translating
* OpenHub – GitHub client
* Scoop – stack trace catcher (for easy bug reporting)

Soon to come and meanwhile in my repo:

* Virtuosity – organize & track your music excercises

Enjoy your from :awesome:

Try out our new support! All signature types are supported The "fdroid build" CI job on app merge requests will run a complete test and give rapid results before sending it to the production buildserver.

We are now automatically scanning apps for API Key Identifiers like ' ga_trackingId that are used to enable tracking APIs. If your app includes these, it will be marked with the `Trackers` Anti-Feature. To fix that, either remove the tracking API Key entirely or move it out of the build flavor used by F-Droid.

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🌧️ time at @fdroidorg again! 2 new apps:

* Aix Weather Widget
* HoloPlay (YT audio client, video planned)

And 39 updates which your on-device F-Droid client should notify you of if you have the corresponding apps installed 😉

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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Looks like we managed to get the backlog down. Today's 🌧️ at only has 1 new app:

* Xenia: a on-device Gemini proxy, so you can use any web browser to view Gemini capsules

It's accompanied by 38 updates, of which your favorite F-Droid client on your device should notify you.

Enjoy your from @fdroidorg :awesome:

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Mini 🌧️ at @fdroidorg today withh 2 new and 54 updated apps. Updates include all the MAXS modules, and after a while also andOTP again. New additions are:

* Orion Viewer: a viewer for PDF & DJVU
* Simpletask Nextcloud: a ToDo-list app that syncs with your Nextcloud

Enjoy your from :awesome:

A little prophesy: tomorrow new in my repo will be HeartBeat, to measure your pulse with the devices camera + flashlight…

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