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Today at @fdroidorg: 62 updated and 8 new apps:

* Newpipe finally updated!!!
* @CCTG has a new version!


* Automation: event-based automation
* Timer +X: pre-define timers and add them when needed (a la "alarm in 4min (tea)" or "in 20min (nap)")
* 🇩🇪 Schule: Lernübungen (Mathe, Uhr, Rechtschreibung)
* mpv remote: control mpv running on your PC

And more. As always: enjoy your (3405) at – more to come, stay tuned!

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3 days ago it was 60 updates, today it's 50 updates and 11 new apps at @fdroidorg – with highlights like:

* InviZible Pro: Tor Proxy, DNSCrypt & more in 1 app!
* THOR Browser: browser with native support for IPFS
* Migraine Log: a simple log for Migraine (and its medication)
* NiceFeed: RSS Reader w/ feed search & more
* Text Launcher: distraction-free and leightweight (14k!) launcher

and more. As always: enjoy your with :awesome:

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Interesting rain at @fdroidorg today with 54 updates and 10 new apps, like

* Watomatic: Finally on F-Droid! Get rid of WA and have your remaining contacts auto-replied with your new home
* Price per Unit: shopping helper. Enter price & size and see if the bigger pack is worth it
* SSTV Encoder & Robot36: one app to en- and another to decode SSTV images (like those the ISS sends)
* Snapcast: multi-room audio in sync

and more. Enjoy your (3387) at ! :awesome:

If you are looking for a way to help F-Droid get updates out faster, considering diving into the code and contributing! Relevant issues to tackle can be found here:

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Love F-Droid and want to lend a hand? Still waiting on the new version of that awesome app?

Here's what the #fdroid @fdroidorg teams does everyday to ensure you get the goodies and what you can do to help.

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@gud @aral

During the pandemic, I started to become more interested in online privacy (that was previously limited to using vpn, firefox and adblocker). As I learned and got amazed about all the wonderfull FOSS alternatives out there, I made my internet browing more secure and anonymous, and after some months, I managed to switch from gmail to tutanota, google docs to cryptpad, youtube to freetube, play store to F-droid and Aurora store... I now managed to delete my FB and Google account! It feels so liberating! Big shout out to all those working tirelessly to provide alternatives to damaging, unethical and creepy surveillance capitalist companies!

PS: I am still dependent on FB and Google bcuz of WhatsApp (some people don't want to switch to Signal) and Google Play Services on android...For now...

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Today's rain at @fdroidorg has 55 updates and 5 new , some of them quite special:

* Jellyfin: DLNA Media Browser for your Jellyfin Server
* InviZible : a local proxy combining DNSCrypt, Tor and more
* BOINC: finally it's there! Use your device to help scientific research when it's idle
* KeyPass: a no-frills password manager
* GeoQuiz Foss: check your geographical knowledge

Also included: the update @Tusky already announced

Enjoy your (3377) at !

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@hund @fdroidorg @CCTG @mondstern look at the version numbers, especially the first digit after the dot. @k9mail has a versioning scheme that says: "even number" = stable/release, "odd number" beta/testing. So only "even numbers" will be suggested – 5.6xx is currently the one, 5.8xx will be the next, while 5.7xx is the current beta/testing "tree".

As for your second question, the answer is a clear "maybe". Contributions welcome.

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A little rain a day // keeps us away from Play 🙊 Ahem, meant to say: the next round of arrived at @fdroidorg – this time 48 updates (including @CCTG, @k9mail, @mondstern acrylic icons and many more) plus 3 new apps

* Discreet Launcher: clean, distraction-less homescreen
* Linwood Dev-Doctor: a learning platform
* Opus 1 Music Player: a music player especially for classical music

Enjoy your at !

Rodrigo acabou de escrever um grande artigo sobre F-Droid em português, após ter entrevistado alguns membros da equipa F-Droid. Os falantes de português irão certamente gostar (outros podem fazer o mesmo com a ajuda do, que também foi utilizado para traduzir este dente):

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@guardianproject @fdroidorg
Popularity Contest aka F-Droid #Metrics is now posted as a merge request, it should be included in the v1.12-alpha1 which will be out soon.

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様々な世界中のボランティアの動力のおかげで、F-Droidの公式ウェブサイトは日本語で見られるようになりました。メインページと様々なチュートリアルは完了されましたが、「良くある質問」そして各アプリの説明はまだ翻訳途中です。協力したい方はF-Droidの翻訳サイト から翻訳をより完成にして、それとも既存の翻訳を編集できます。

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Today it was raining again at @fdroidorg – 47 updated & 12 new apps. Highlights from the latter:

* InstaLate: an online dictionary seemlessly integrating with your workflow
* KeepOn: QuickSettings tile to keep your screen on for a defined period
* Krita: a professional painting app for tablets
* Rview: a Gerrit client
* Tsacdop: Podcast client
* Wrotto: Journaling/Diary

Updates eg have FlorisBoard, OsmAnd and more. Enjoy your (3362) at :awesome:

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Part 2 of our training sessions on RFP review was happening yesterday. So last night I were performing the edits and (after viewing the rendered video) just uploaded it to my FOSS channel at PeerTube. Should show up puplically in about an hour, and then be available at

Hope you find it helpful! And remember: new contributors are always welcome – YOU can help making more fine available :awesome:

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Dear F-Droid contributors, if you still have your apps' descriptions inside our YAML metadata, please note the old Wiki-style formatting has been abandoned (documentation has been updated: Use "simple" HTML formatting instead – and ideally move your descriptions to Fastlane 😍

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The FOSS Mastodon/Friendica/PixelFed/Pleroma app Fedilab and the FOSS PeerTube app TubeLab now have a new combined official account. You can follow them both at:

➡️ @apps

(This also includes news about other apps by the same author such as UntrackMe and OpenMultiMaps.)

Their official website is at

The apps are available from @fdroidorg and Google Play

#FediLab #TubeLab #Apps #Fediverse #FOSS #Mastodon #PeerTube #Friendica #PixelFed #Pleroma

F-Droid Server (_fdroidserver_) v2.0 will be released in two weeks! We would like to include as many languages as possible. These are the tools used for building apps and working with app repositories.

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Happy New Year 🥳

We are preparing to release the next version that includes several new features and improvements.

The mobile app is almost ready for primetime, and we'll be shipping the Android version first (via @fdroidorg)!

PS - We have been working on text-only posts support 😉 #pixelfed

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The "polished" version of our recording for the app review process is now online:

It corrects some of the issues (audio & video are in sync now, missing drop-downs have been edited in, some "unnecessary pieces" have been edited out). The previous "raw uncut recording" will probably be removed soon, please use this new one instead.

Thanks again to all who participated! And a happy new year with happy new review(er)s :awesome:

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