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@polyplacophora @farlopito @fdroidorg Hi! Thank you for supporting us with a paid account. It means a lot. The process of publishing our app on F-droid has already started. We need to make a few steps before doing this. In the next couple of months it should be done. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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Today the 100th app got elevated from my repo to the official @fdroidorg repository. I cannot tell which was number 100 – at F-Droid, there were 31 new apps since yesterday 😍 – so congrats to all of the developers who got their apps ready for us! 👍 💪

Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to ! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

got a new icon (changed by ).

@matrix's got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

We just published an update for (Schedule browser for the FOSDEM conference) -

There's no change log, so no idea if that is a required update for this years .

(Devs: please keep a changelog, thank you!)

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I wish everyone going to #FOSDEM a great time! I can't be there this year, unfortunately.

If you want to talk about #FDroid you should be able to find @Coffee somewhere 🙂.

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Here we go! On the bus and leaving for #Fosdem! 🚌💨

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On #Android you can very simply install a custom launcher from @fdroidorg or #PlayStore to get a totally new look and feel. Some of those come with advanced theming options.

Advanced users can also do all sorts of low-level customizations using #Xposed Framework.

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@Ayior actually Android phones give users way more freedom to customize than most others. eg. Fairphone2 comes with a lot of OS choises:

* official Android (default OS)
* #FaiphoneOpen (Vendor supported Android without Google Apps)
* #LineageOS (Community supported Android without Google Apps)
* @Ubports (Community supported Ubuntu Mobile)
* #SailfishOS (another Community Supported Linux based mobile OS)
* #PostMarketOS (Linux Distro for reviving old phones)

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If you enjoy using and would like to support the site, please consider buying "The Switching Social Handbook":

It's short, but it's designed mainly to complement the website rather than duplicate it. It discusses the challenges to privacy and looks at the alternatives on offer.

It's a DRM-free ePub file, which should work on most major eBook readers.

(Let me know about any problems or feedback!)

#SwitchingSocial #Books #eBooks #NonFiction #DRMFree

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Android / RF noise tip: if you want to measure how bad your USB power transformer is, you can use the Tuner application from @fdroidorg !

Of course, if you actually want to tune your instrument, you should first unplug your phone from its power plug, otherwise you'll be stuck at 50 Hz :D

Turns out if there's absolutely no time pressure at all we can publish a new release in a day! 😅🎉

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#yalp store got a "non-update" today on #fdroid which is actually installable on devices.

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I just published the last update to the #35c3 #FDroid repository.

The repo will be discontinued in a few weeks.

If you still need updates for the schedule app you should switch to the one from the main repository.

And update is published! Pull down to refresh your index.

( is very slow currently though.)

So, yes is finally built, waiting for the next index update. What a week... 😅

Note that the page this is hosted on is beta and very much work in progress. The article will also be live on the main site soon(tm).

This weeks is live on our (temporary) news website:

Read everything about getting to finally built as well as all the updates that happened in the last 2 weeks!

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Just used F-Droid to install G-Droid. And that's basically everything you need to know about the concept of #freesoftware. #opensource #freeyourandroid #fsfe

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A nice talk about , some awesome apps and a bit of advertising for in the end. Entirely from the perspective of a user, not a developer. Thanks to the speaker @3rik - F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps

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