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It's #FollowFriday! Here are some #alternatives to follow:

@cloutstream CloutStream: An open source federated alternative to LinkedIn, just launched its new website

@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz: Lead developer of #PeerTube, the ethical alternative to YouTube

@Purism Purism: Makers of privacy-oriented computers and the upcoming Librem5 smartphone

@fdroidorg F-Droid: The open source alternative to Google Play

@krita Krita: Open source painting software aimed at artists and illustrators

#FF #FFed

If your are using the privileged and alphas you might want to hold up on upgrading to 1.3alpha2. Or if you've done so you need to enable unknown sources once to upgrade to alpha3 which will come tomorrow.

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We're back to normal now, and this week's donations have been processed successfully: €2,772.81 and $473.13 has been transferred between 2054 users.

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.@mhall119 is developing an ethical alternative to #MeetUp called #GetTogether.

There's already a flagship site up and running:


The dev is working on #ActivityPub support and is requesting feedback on what more needs to be done:


If you're interested in helping federate GetTogether, join the discussion at the link above.


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@themightyglider @Aznorth I agree! I myself come from a potato phone (by current standards), a Samsung Galaxy Core Duos. @fdroidorg did wonders for it and I'm thankful.

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YouTube Music has been released. Let me tell you just one thing:

Want the best YouTube Music experience on Android? Just download #NewPipe from a trusted source (e.g. @fdroidorg) and enjoy for free, Ad-less and protecting your privacy.

Friends don't let friends be spied on by #SurveillanceCapitalism

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As @Coffee is away on holiday I'll assemble this weeks #TWIF. I'd appreciate suggestions on what to include here or in the forum thread: forum.f-droid.org/t/twif-submi

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Aurora Store: Download apks from #GooglePlayStore

#AuroraStore is a #fork of #YalpStore by Sergey Yeriomin. It lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store as #apk files. It can search for #updates of installed #apps and lets you search for other apps.

Aurora Store provides a #MaterialUI to #Yalp #Store.


#fdroidorg #fdroid #libre #app @fdroidorg #altenative

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A Material Design AOSP based calendar for #android that works well with #nextcloud - try it out!

Wiki link: t.co/BckOFZ5ILV - it uses our @davdroidapp integration. t.co/LP78ifUu6Y #nextcloud

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Our plan to bring the Tutanota app to @fdroidorg is making progress: tutanota.com/blog/posts/secure

We have just removed GCM for push from the app, the main requirement to realize the F-Droid publication! 😀 Here are details: github.com/tutao/tutanota/comm

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God, this new phone is making me appreciate how awful proprietary software is in comparison to open source. Escaping from the built-in apps to f-droid was such a relief. But of course, most of the thing is still proprietary and sketchy as hell. I'm not even allowed to disable that stalkery music app, for example. I really need to work on getting myself a good open source phone. :/

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📈 This week 500 creators have received donations via Liberapay, totaling €2725 and $566, from 1641 patrons.

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To all those wanting to have some app listed in my repo (e.g. because they can't have it included with the official F-Droid repo for some reason):

My Updater now also can fetch APKs from GitLab tags.

Description on the GitLab repo for my repo (oops) updated accordingly: gitlab.com/IzzyOnDroid/repo (file your requests in its issue tracker, please).

Hi everyone. is up on at last!


Apologies again for the delay. Ironically, an error slipped through in our rush to get it out the door in time.

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