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Hi folks, as you may have noticed, TWIF is delayed this week. We've had two independent issues. Firstly, we forgot to tag the website so it didn't appear on the main site. Secondly, the box that hosts staging ran out of disk space so it didn't appear there either. We are working on it and apologize for the delay.

Thanks to our translator, stuff like this is translated into many languages, like for example German:

When access to the Internet is really expensive, people can use F-Droid to distribute apps. They do that for example in Cuba where @grote was in 2017:

Gracias a nuestr@s traductor@s para traducir este articulo y mucho más en el sistema F-Droid!

Cuando el acceso al internet está muy caro, se puede usar F-Droid para distribuir aplicaciones. Lo hacen por ejemplo en Cuba, donde @grote estuvo en 2017:

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In contrast to their official app it's fully offline capable. Also includes pdf maps of the areas which giggity can cache for offline viewing.

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Finished up the Rock im Park/Rock am Ring #giggity compatible schedules. Find them here:

#RiP #RaR

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📈 This week €2753 and $472 have been donated by 1601 patrons to 481 creators and projects through

RT Hello For the synchronization part, we recommend If you need a calendar and a contact app, you can pick great applications from: All the aforementioned apps are available on, the best app market on Android :)

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Working on my habits (or just doing a few things regularly) is so much easier with Loops app from @fdroidorg!
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Hi guys, what up?!

Well, I was looking for a read and creator bar/qr code and I found #barcodescanner on @fdroidorg , I'm so exciting using it.

Now, I scanner my itens on inventory and share they on my e-mail or telegram, then open it on #libreoffice #calc, it's great.

If you need something that will help you to improve you productivity with bar/qr codes I recommend it.

They care about privacy.


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Down to 36 MRs and additionally marked 4 as blocked. Gotta go now.

That means 8 news app in #fdroid tomorrow! 😃

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Nach dem Film- & App-Tipp von @Digitalcourage


Die Doku "Das Microsoft-Dilemma" zeigt die Probleme unfreier Software auf.

Unter Android kann man Videos aus den Mediatheken der ÖR-Sender ganz wunderbar mit #Zapp anschauen und herunterladen. Nur verfügbar in #FDroid:

#nonfree #microsoft #ubuntu

The interesting this is that you never need to hide your root status if you only use apps from .

The thing about getting root without modifying /system might still be interesting for OTA updates though.

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OK, there you go my English speaking friends: The Magisk article I announced some hours ago in German is now also available in English:

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