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There's Libreoffice viewer, which seems to result in mixed success for people.
The only other option I think is using Collabora online through the nextcloud app (see chaos.social/@Bubu/10206142912)

@dadosch That was unfortunately one tradeoff we had to make for now. 😕

The search.f-droid.org website is significantly faster again now
It's now only searching through name and summary of an app (instead of all possible fields).

Please try it out and see if it still finds the apps you expect with the keywords you expect.

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Mein #Workshop "Freiheit zum mitnehmen" auf der 19. #Gulaschprogrammiernacht ist angenommen worden \°/

Also wer auf der #GPN19 ist und Bock auf #fdroid und #gdroid hat oder Lust verspürt sie kennenzulernen, kommt vorbei!


#FreieSoftware #Android

@fdroidorg @gdroid

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@xinayder Use the search button. It'll show the unfiltered list of recently added/updated apps as before.

@marsxyz @hirojin Yes, googles no-compete clause forbids anything resembling an app-store on there.

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It's still on Google Play, but the developer is charging a couple of dollars for it.

It is ok for developers to charge for their work.

Paying people for their work is a much more ethical model than trackers and ads.

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@Stem @switchingsocial @Lazercruizer Not really, no.

See the list of antifeatures here: f-droid.org/wiki/page/AntiFeat

The policy very clearly is absolutely no proprietary code included in an apk distributed via the main f-droid.org repository.

@Stem @switchingsocial @Lazercruizer

That doesn't mean the apk doesn't contain googles FCM libs which are proprietary software.

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