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As @Coffee is away on holiday I'll assemble this weeks #TWIF. I'd appreciate suggestions on what to include here or in the forum thread: forum.f-droid.org/t/twif-submi

@Aznorth The usual caveats apply: Be very careful with apps from the playstore. Assume most are probably trying to track you, throw targeted advertising at your or worse.

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Aurora Store: Download apks from #GooglePlayStore

#AuroraStore is a #fork of #YalpStore by Sergey Yeriomin. It lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store as #apk files. It can search for #updates of installed #apps and lets you search for other apps.

Aurora Store provides a #MaterialUI to #Yalp #Store.


#fdroidorg #fdroid #libre #app @fdroidorg #altenative

@Nuntius Yes, it's going to be mentioned!

(On a personal note, I tried it and found the interface prettier than yalp's though also more confusing. I also got a crash after 30s 😂. I guess I'll stick to yalp for now 🙂 .)

@strikersan This is unfortunately a known bug on Android 8.1 😕

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A Material Design AOSP based calendar for #android that works well with #nextcloud - try it out!

Wiki link: t.co/BckOFZ5ILV - it uses our @davdroidapp integration. t.co/LP78ifUu6Y #nextcloud

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Our plan to bring the Tutanota app to @fdroidorg is making progress: tutanota.com/blog/posts/secure

We have just removed GCM for push from the app, the main requirement to realize the F-Droid publication! 😀 Here are details: github.com/tutao/tutanota/comm

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God, this new phone is making me appreciate how awful proprietary software is in comparison to open source. Escaping from the built-in apps to f-droid was such a relief. But of course, most of the thing is still proprietary and sketchy as hell. I'm not even allowed to disable that stalkery music app, for example. I really need to work on getting myself a good open source phone. :/

@brnrd Thanks, fixed now (staging is correct for now though)

@niebegegnet could you open an issue at the fdroid-website project on gitlab? I fear it'll get lost here.

@gergely thanks for the report. Will kick the server shortly :).

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📈 This week 500 creators have received donations via Liberapay, totaling €2725 and $566, from 1641 patrons.

@dada @nextcloud Due to some miscommunication this will be delayed on for a day, sorry about that!

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To all those wanting to have some app listed in my repo (e.g. because they can't have it included with the official F-Droid repo for some reason):

My Updater now also can fetch APKs from GitLab tags.

Description on the GitLab repo for my repo (oops) updated accordingly: gitlab.com/IzzyOnDroid/repo (file your requests in its issue tracker, please).