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I like that one a lot, but it's not what I'm looking for right now.

Something like this, which explains the general idea of e2e, and contrasts it with transit encryption would be ideal.

Thanks for suggesting!

Can anyone recommend a _good_ explanation of that even a 5-year-old could understand? Ideally with clear pictures and diagrams.

Of course the website shouldn't throw popups in your face or track you up the wazoo. Bonus points if it renders well with javascript disabled.

If you missed it yesterday: @nicoalt has written a proposal for integrating packages with /#activitypub! The best thing about this proposal? It could in the future power comments and popularity of apps in F-Droid. 😍


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Just finished integrating @exodus into my app listings at android.izzysoft.de/ – so expect more accurate library reportings. Not complete, though, as not all apps are scanned by Exodus or Appbrain (my other source) yet. Still: shocking findings! Trackers everywhere …

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@tom79 someone already updated the repo urls. Everything will work normally.

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@privacylab "Oh you want to disable location tracking?

I'm sorry, I cannot let you do this, Dave..."

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"The year is 2031, and I'm going to see Avengers 7... my location is displayed on the Goober Dashboard, even though I opted out of Google AlwaysTrack™! There's a complete disconnect between what the user interface is telling me and what actually happens" boingboing.net/2018/08/14/goob

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@dazlious @frank @vilbi @nuron He open sourced it recently. Probably related to the play store thing.

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just deleted my google account from my phone... so far it seems the world did not end.

Thanks for taking this up, by the way.

Remember the effort to get our build a new icon?

You can now finally vote for the alternatives here: forum.f-droid.org/t/poll-vote-

@wojtek That is correct. F-Droid should never propose an upgrade to the incompatible version. Just tested this and it works for me. If that's broken for you can you open an issue with steps to reproduce?

@Nuntius Sure, can you announce it in the original forum thread?

You can still install old working versions if you enable the F-Droid archive repository.

If you set F-Droid to ignore all updates for this app, that should get rid of the failing updates as well.

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New index update! has finally been published!

, the other that was stuck, also got published at last, but went straight to the archive as we can only build an older version at the moment.

Hi everyone! We've already got 46 updated apps that _might_ be in the next .


What is _your_ favourite new feature or new app? And why? What annoying bug finally got squashed? Let us know before Thursday, and we'll feature it in the next edition.