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@vilbi @moetech openwhispersystems doesn't allow any third party to distribute indipendent builds of signal. So signal won't be in F-Droid. You can find all the details in various github issues.

@Shamar This is a good starting point: f-droid.org/en/docs/Security_M

But yes, always be careful with custom repos. Especially on first install of an app.

@Shamar Everyone can check the signing key is that same as play store versions. Also android won't allow to upgrade to a versions signed by a different key.

Also people are creating F-Droid binary repos with upstream APKs mirrored to a bunch of popular services as contingency in case google removes Telegram from Play Store in Russia.

The beta versions can be installed alongside the main fdroid ones.

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This is huge. Russia’s unelected government is afraid of communications it can’t monitor, so it tries to shut down Telegram. Telegram moves to AWS and Google Cloud. Russia BLOCKS both services.

Almost nothing works in Russia’s internet right now. Banks, shopping, small business. twitter.com/ow/status/98616044 … #nextcloud

The upcoming version of Telegram-FOSS on @fdroidorg will have better chances to connect through the Russian Telegram blocks. If you need it right now you can install the beta build from here: github.com/Telegram-FOSS-Team/

@animeirl Known problem, but hard to reproduce :-/

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Ya se pueden importar las subscripciones de youtube a newpipe, para quien no conozca #newpipe es una cliente para youtube #libre disponible en @fdroidorg con el cual no solo se reproducen vídeos si no también ofrece reproducción en segundo plano, descargas y mas cosas bellas.



@kemid @gabriel Con la pantalla apagada? F-Droid para actualizar a menudo si no estás usando el celular. Lo sentimos pero por Android no podemos hacer mucho en este caso.

@victorhck Muchas gracias por escribir este resumen!

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@Tusky now I got a notification that keeps saying "sending toot." But it's already published.

Big update today: @Tusky 1.6.1, @tom79 1.8.6, 2.1.1, 1.4.11, @nextclouders 3.1.0 @fdroidorg 1.2.1 and many more!

@mass92 @jartigag @kemid Si, era un problema con el repo. Publicamos algo sobre esto, pero sólo en inglés: mastodon.technology/@fdroidorg

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I installed an instance of Repomaker @fdroidorg here:


Promising project, I could create my own apps repository (but I get an error when trying to fetch app from F-Droid)