Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to ! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

got a new icon (changed by ).

@matrix's got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

From birdsite 

F-Droid index just got updated. The @Fairphone launcher 3 can now be installed on lineage based ROMs as well. Also got updated to v0.8.10. It can now send stickers!

Some context for the Izzysoft repo. It includes mostly free software pulled from github release pages or other developer hosted download pages. So you get versions build by the developers themselves.

Some of these are in the process of getting into the main repo. Some never can be included there because they depend on proprietary libraries.

But everything is clearly labeled by license and even includes a list of used libraries and potential ads/analytics in the app:

RT @DanPeGon@twitter.com: Izzysoft: the best third-party opensource repository for F-Droid app @fdroidorg@twitter.com android.izzysoft.de/repo

Also people are creating F-Droid binary repos with upstream APKs mirrored to a bunch of popular services as contingency in case google removes Telegram from Play Store in Russia.

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