@fdroidorg really nice! Now if only they would make a decent app icon 😉

@dosch @fdroidorg this. fennec icon is really what makes me use regular firefox

I am using a different launcher with custom icon set. Because of fennec...

Is Fennec regurarly updated alongside Firefox?

@avizini We try to keep it updated as best as possible, yes. But as it's a very complex build there are no guarantees.

Some Quantum improvements, not all. There will be all when we will see Quantum Renderer + Pathfinder. This will probably be next year on deskto.

@fdroidorg I would like to know the differences between this and Firefox Klar?

@mayel @fdroidorg it is easier to protect your privacy since it blocks every tracker and erase all data ( cookies) once you delete a tab.

@mayel @fdroidorg Firefox Klar, iirc, is Firefox's customization -- tracking protection, adblocking, etc. -- done on the device HTML browser engine.

Fennec is the name of the mobile core of Firefox. It's basically Firefox Android. I don't know what the specific differences are. (Licensing stuff?)

@aldonogueira I can get at least to the login page with fennec. You should try it out and report back! 🙂

Currently we're gathering fennec related info here: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/i

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