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F-Droid @fdroidorg

Our bugfix for the wrong app titles broke the index generation again. 😢 Temporarily switching to the old index format in settings will work around the problem. Sorry about this!

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@fdroidorg Thanks for the heads up. That fix worked for me. Y'all are doing great work. Very refreshing to be able to use an app registry not beholden to a corporate interests!

@fdroidorg Are you looking for people that can assist with engineering tasks?

Thanks for the heads up, keep up the good work, and good luck on your bug squashing! Will it be possible to automatically roll a fix to users?
Also, do you have automated testing in place for that kind of regression?

@fdroidorg Any info about when it's gonna be solved the issue with the index? Thank you in advance ^^.

@fdroidorg is this really fixed? there are people reporting problems on matrix...