The upcoming version of Telegram-FOSS on @fdroidorg will have better chances to connect through the Russian Telegram blocks. If you need it right now you can install the beta build from here:

The beta versions can be installed alongside the main fdroid ones.

а для iOS такое не делают.

Is Telegram trustworthy? The app may be open, but it asks for a ton of permissions and I'm not sure I can trust it not to send everything to their servers. Has anyone looked at the code?

@moetech I would like to suggest signal but I don't know if it is distributed via fdroid.
Signal code is public, telegram code not... @fdroidorg

@vilbi @moetech openwhispersystems doesn't allow any third party to distribute indipendent builds of signal. So signal won't be in F-Droid. You can find all the details in various github issues.

I consider Matrix the ideal FOSS IM platform and it's the one I try to push, but Telegram is already used by a lot of people so it's beneficial to have an app I can trust.

Oh I didn't realize that's different from what's already in F-Droid. I'll take a look.

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